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Welcome! Whether you're a community leader, a seasoned advocate, a young person looking to turn your concern into action or somewhere in between, you'll find guides, tools and ideas to help you make a difference.

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This is a story of a community bringing together a wide range of organizations to improve services and results for youth.


If we don't make significant changes in how we guide many youths to careers, their recession might be permanent. A new study suggests some paths but for now at least, they remain "roads less taken." Patrick Boyle takes a look.

Grant: Tribal Youth National Mentoring Program - Support the development, maturation, and expansion of community programs to provide mentoring services to tribal you

Grant: Multi-State Mentoring Initiative - Develop community programs to provide mentoring services to high-risk populations that are underserved due to location, shortage

Grant: National Mentoring Programs - Develop initiatives and community programs to provide mentoring services to high-risk populations that are underserved due to location

What could be better than a front row seat in the White House? Young people must apply by January 9, 2011 for a White House internship this summer.


Wall Streeters can spend their bonuses on whatever they want, but not while our children go hungry. Writer Allison Silberberg on the tax cut compromise, Wall Street bonuses and the Child Nutrition fight. Together they tell a story we may not want to hear.


How civically engaged are you? What about your neighbors? How easy is it to volunteer and get active in your state? The National Conference on Citizenship is working in partnership with states and cities across the country to release local Civic Health Index reports.

As in many rural areas, Hamburg's schools are the center of community life, and partnerships with the education system benefit the entire community.

We invite you to nominate up to two individuals for the 2011 Lewis Hine Awards for service to children and youth. These nationally recognized awards, now in their 25th year, are presented annually by the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) to ten recipients.

Tools to Improve Communities

August 29, 2011
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Designed to help school leaders identify and implement actionable practices that set high-performing schools apart, the Middle Grades Action Kit for Superintendents and Principals is indispensable for middle grades leaders working to prepare students for high school—and get them on track for college and careers.
August 24, 2011
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Kaiser Health News
With the work of the 'super committee' picking up steam, news outlets report on how, while back in their districts for the August recess, some of the panelists are hearing concerns about Medicare and other entitlement programs. Meanwhile, former GOP Senator John Danforth recollects his first-hand experiences with the politics of deficit-cutting commissions.
August 23, 2011
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Children's Leadership Council
The children's advocacy collaborative the Children's Leadership Council and their allies submitted this letter to Congress in April encouraging them to consider struggling American families in budget debates.
August 22, 2011
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Opportunity Nation
The OpportunityNation Leaders Program is a national network of vocal opportunity advocates with personal experience facing barriers to opportunity and a track record of making meaningful change in their respective communities.
August 16, 2011
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Campaign for Youth Justice
October is National Youth Justice Awareness month! The purpose of this month of action is to raise awareness about youth prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system.  Over the past three years, events have been held across the country and have been successful in raising awareness and participation in important youth justice issues across the country.
August 9, 2011
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U.S. Department of Education
There are two Summer Seminars at Six--the Department of Education's summer seminars--left this year.  ED's Summer Seminars at Six are designed to share information about education policy that will help teachers to be engaged and participate in policy discussions at the federal, state and district level.
August 3, 2011
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Every Child Matters
While most Americans—and many citizens around the world—are breathing a sigh of relief that the debt-ceiling ‘crisis’ is over, the damage it could cause to U.S. children is just beginning. Few mainstream economists believe the bill signed by the President will do anything to jumpstart a sluggish economy or create jobs.
August 3, 2011
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September is National Recovery Month.  The month of action increases the understanding of substance use and mental disorders to achieve the full potential of prevention and treatment support services. It also helps people recognize and seek assistance for these health conditions with the same urgency as any other condition and aims to reduce barriers to recovery.
July 26, 2011
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Were you or someone you know saved by a Pell grant?  With the Federal Pell Grant program in danger, EdTrust, Young Invincibles, and U.S. PIRG teamed up to throw a training for interns and other young people on what they described as one of the most powerful ways to advocate for Pell grants (or, really for any issue): Letters to the Editor.
July 19, 2011
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Just like all large organizations, universities have their fair share of problems. These problems come in all shapes and sizes and can sometimes seem unrelenting. The usual method of attack for solving these problems involves sending out surveys, forming committees, setting up forums or hiring consultants.