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I wholeheratedly support school discipline reform. It has gotten out of control and we are pushing out to many youth of color.

October 3 at 08:40am

Stop #schoolPushout

September 30 at 08:58pm

Our children need protection from unjust and subjective suspensions that can push them into the juvenile justice systems. Please work to create solutions to suspensions.

September 30 at 04:46pm

I urge you to support S.1094. Some zero-tolerance policies are working against the best goals of keeping students engaged, involved, and in school. And inadequate knowledge of child development can prevent best practices from being implemented. Marginalized groups are targeted too often--we need clear numbers on what students are disciplined, and why, if we are to address these inequities. I teach in Virginia at the college level; my three children all attended FX County schools from K-12; and I live in Loudoun County; so Virginia education continues to be a subject of great importance to me. This is a good bill--it deserves your support.

September 30 at 12:54pm


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