Contact Your Senators: Tell Them It's Time to Get This Done!

Act 4 Juvenile Justice
June 12, 2017

Take two minutes to make your voice heard! 

The JJDPA sets basic standards and protections for youth in state juvenile justice programs, and it's back on the table in 2017. The House has already passed its bill, and now we call on the Senate to get this done in 2017!

This week, we are calling on Senate leadership, Leader McConnell (R-KY) and Chairman Grassley (R-IA) to make JJDPA reauthorization a priority. We are also calling on Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) to release his hold.

What you can do: Take two minutes and use the alert below to call your Senators to action on this vital bill. All you need is your address and we'll get you to your elected officials. We'll even provide talking points.

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