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Opportunity Nation's innovative measuring system to analyze opportunity for youth in counties, cities and states.
Despite decades of efforts to reform education, and billions of dollars of expenditures, the harsh reality is that America is still failing to...

Janaisa changed schools with an entirely new approach to teaching, Performance-Based Assessment Tests. She shares her experience with tackling new testing criteria. 

04/20/2016   |   SparkAction

College is a huge step in any students' career, but there are a lot of assumptions in the college process. Most of them are at the expense of students and families already struggling to apply. Janaisa Walker shares her personal troubles with applying to college as a first-generation student. 

01/04/2016   |   Career Online

Happy New Year! Here's to all of you who will become high school graduates in 2016—and those of you who graduated in 2015 joining the ranks of our thousands of alumni! The New Year marks an opportunity for a fresh start. Below are a few ideas to help you start 2016 with your best foot forward:

12/09/2015   |   Opportunity Youth United, Opportunity Youth United

Boston Community Action Team Kicks Off Movement to Increase Opportunity, Decrease Poverty for Young People 

11/23/2015   |   Opportunity Youth United, Opportunity Youth United


Announcing a new movement for #OpportunityYouth: Opportunity Youth United.

10/10/2015   |   Opportunity Nation

Opportunity Nation has released their 2015 Opportunity Index, an annual composite measure at the state and county levels of economic, education and civic factors that expand opportunity.

America's Promise Alliance released the Don't Quit on Me report which examines—from the perspective of young people themselves—the roles that relationships with adults and peers play in decisions about staying in, leaving and returning to high school. 

09/14/2015   |   Year Up

Despite high numbers of people searching for jobs, many employers are struggling to fill entry-level positions. At current rates, our economy will face a shortfall of 12 million skilled workers with postsecondary credentials by 2025.

Prison isn’t the most intellectually stimulating environment, but the dimmest corners of the criminal justice system may actually be a perfect place to liberate an otherwise wasted mind. A new initiative by the White House to issue Pell Grants to incarcerated students is about to test just how truly corrective our so-called corrections system can be.

08/27/2015   |   Opportunity Nation

One of the groups most at risk for disconnection from critically important education and career pathways are the millions of young adults who have spent time in the juvenile or adult justice systems. 

Starbucks Corporations is teaming up with over a dozen companies in a commitment to hiring 100,000 mostly young, low-income, apprentices, interns and part-and-full time employees over the next three years.

In communities across the country, demonstrators have peacefully organized to protest against violence. These protests are being done in an effort to demonstrate that all lives matter, especially the lives of young Boys and Men of Color.

Harvard undergrad students Alex Wirth and Jonathan Marks have created Quorum, an online legislative strategy platform that explains the relationships between lawmakers in Congress.

01/22/2015   |   Annenberg Institute for School Reform

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform's latest issue of Voices in Urban Education, Time for Equity, examines on how various schools use increased and reimagined learning time to ensure equitable access to rich learning opportunities for all young people.


YouthBuild's Jamiel Alexander on his
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