Dianne S Lambert

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Why I think it is important for Kansas government officials to operate in the light of day, rather than in secret, behind closed doors: 

I have always felt when a group of people find they have to meet behind closed doors they must feel they have to hide what they are doing because they KNOW what they are doing is in their best interests and NOT those of the majority. Doing things behind closed doors tells me that those behind the doors should not be trusted to represent me or anyone else as their main effort is for what they can do for themselves or their close friends! If WE as their constituents stand idly by and LET it happen, shame on us! We then are just as much to blame for letting them believe that it is okay to do whatever they want to do and it will be alright. WRONG! You, your neighbor, your family, me, my neighbor, and my family better stand up to what is being done and let them know without any doubt that what is being done is not acceptable and will not be tolerated!