Youth Changemaker: Brandon Hambrick

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Why I think it is important for Kansas government officials to operate in the light of day, rather than in secret, behind closed doors: 

"More than anything, Brandon understands and cares for his community; his effective responses to its problems highlight his creative and dedicated leadership style."


- The Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council

Brandon Hambrick, 19, is an Americorps service member and the Media Specialist at The REACH Center in Tacoma, Washington. REACH is a comprehensive community center that connects young adults to education engagement, enrollment and employment services.  Brandon works in partnership with the Housing for Success program, The Educational Opportunity Center (TRiO), Workforce Investment Act programs, and multiple other community partners to provide his peers with opportunities to continue their schooling or find a steady, sustainable job.

Brandon's efforts to shape policy can be seen both individually and within an organizational setting.  His work includes program coordination, raising awareness around youth homelessness, organizing events with multiple governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and conducting media trainings. 

Brandon also has a passion to make government more effective and works for that directly through his involvement with the Pierce County Youth Advisory Council (PCYAC)

IMAGEAs a part of his Americorps placement, Brandon is currently the lead organizer for a large event called Operation Awareness 253.  The event will bring together multiple organizations, donors, artists, stakeholders, and the general public to raise awareness about youth homelessness in Pierce County. 

At The REACH Center in Tacoma, says co-worker Adam Becker-Hafnor, "Brandon is a leader and advocate for participants who access the center.  His leadership makes him an exemplar for young adults on what professional success looks like." 

During his Americorps year, he was welcomed into a youth coalition to join the fight to end homelessness. That turned out to be a signature issue for Brandon.

Below is the promotional video that Brandon made about youth homelessness in Tacoma.



Brandon says he would like to see more opportunities for youth engagement in policymaking at the highest levels "not only for obvious reasons like giving the youth and young adult population a voice, but also to bring pressing issues of our time to legislature to form a brighter future for us all."

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