Be Careful What You Cut

Children's Defense Fund
November 9, 2012

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Cutting children from the budget now will cost us later. This campaign is about bringing the real dangers of cutting child investments into sharp focus to build the public will and make the economic case to protect children from budget cuts. It’s a simple calculation, really. Protect now or pay later.

When it comes to fixing the deficit, be careful what you cut. Eliminating early education investments now would increase his chances of going to prison later by up to 39 percent. And paying for that prison will cost us nearly three times more a year than it would have cost to provide him with a quality early learning experience.


How to Take Action

Write a letter to Congress.  Here's a template you can copy, personalize, and send:

Children in America need your urgent help to protect them from unprecedented budget assaults at the federal, state and local levels. Cascading federal, state, county and city budget cuts adding up to hundreds of billions of dollars are being borne on the backs of babies.

As Congress considers over the next weeks and months key budget choices including turning off sequestration and ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans, I urge you to lift a truly strong voice for all children, and especially for the 16.1 million poor children, including 7.3 million who are extremely poor, at a time when one in five children are in food insecure households, homelessness and family unemployment are rampant. I hope you will protect children from all budget cuts now and make sure the wealthiest Americans and richest corporations pay their fair share.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you about this urgent issue.

Use Facebook and Twitter. Spread the word through compelling images and infographic cover photos.

Reach out to your local print publications and send an op-ed.


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Cutting or even just limiting their budget affects their entire educational learning. In education, we must give a full support to them and we do not need to compromise their skills, talent, knowledge and great ideas when they finishes their school over cutting their educational budget now. There are print media actually provides various help to kids education, but the government needs to stay in fulls support to them rather than putting them on future fails.

Ivan Bryson of

February 11 at 09:03am


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