Colleges Give Drifting Students Maps to Help Them Find Their Way to Graduation

The Hechinger Report
Jon Marcus
August 9, 2015
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Navigating through college is like real-life obstacle course and a huge derailment for students trying to earn their degree. To help students get a clearer idea of their goals and expectations for college, institutions are creating maps that layout pathways to graduation. It's a collaborative process: students meet with their advisor who helps them decide on a career goal and together they work out a path to graduation, with the courses needed to eventually earn a degree in a particular major. 

By creating a college roadmap, this also helps students graduate on time and save money. Miami Dade is using this pathways model and results are promising. The dropout rate continues to drop and more students are getting back on track to graduate. When Florida State University started helping students map their educations, the on-time graduation rate rose from 44 to 61 percent, and the percentage of students with excess credits plummeted from 30 percent to 5 percent. 

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