Enhancing Home Involvement to Address Barriers to Learning: A Collaborative Process

Center for Mental Health in Schools, UCLA
December 7, 2011
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Schools understand the importance of parent involvement in ensuring their children succeed at school and beyond. By this time in the school year, most schools also note the need to bolster efforts to involve and engage parents, especially if a student is not doing well.

To accomplish this, most schools have to significantly enhance their approach to home involvement. This new report from the Center at UCLA highlights the necessity of (1) broadening the focus beyond thinking only in terms of parents and (2) enhancing the range of ways in which schools connect with primary caretakers. Particular attention is given to outreaching to those who are reluctant to engage with the school. Also, discussed is how to embed home involvement interventions into an overall approach for addressing factors interfering with school learning and performance and how to fully integrate the work into school improvement policy and practice.

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