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Generation Waking Up
March 9, 2012
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Generation Waking Up works to inspire and amplify the voices and story of today's generation of twenty- and thirty-somethings. They've been called Millennials, Generation Y, the iGeneration, and the Facebook generation, and they are a group of young people with advantages and disadvantages not experienced by past generations. 

Equipped with knowledge and a passion, GenY has the opportunity to really make a change and Generation Waking Up works to show young people--and older generations who are in charge--how issues like the economy, global warming, and education have a huge impact on the future of our world. 

From the Arab Spring in the Middle East to the Occupy movement, Millennials feel that a spark has been lit for action by young people.

One Millennial featured in the video below says, "Our generation has the unique distinction of living, at the moment, at a crossroads where the gifts of the last 250 years have given us tremendous access--the internet, my iPhone, the ability to be all over the world.  At the same time, the costs of those things are catching up with us ... a lot more than with our parents' generation."

Check out this awesome video introducing Generation Y, the contradictions and challenges they are facing as a collective young population, and how and why they are ready to make change.

Also check out youth movement and campaign tools from Generation Waking Up--here's your chance to engage!

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