An Insider's Guide to the Teenage Brain

What Kids Can Do
November 14, 2012
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If you're a teenage speaker brought in to address a crowd of teachers on the subject of how you and your peers learn best . . . what are you going to say? "I — have no clue," Ned Cephalus nervously says from behind the podium. "I'm just a very average teenage brain"—complete with backpack, zits, and a journal he keeps about school. Yet in this funny and fast-paced "NED talk," Ned knocks out eight powerful conditions of learning that can change everything for students.

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Thanks for the delightful video. I coordinate an afterschool program for middle school students, and the video was a great reminder for keeping students engaged and connected. This week our students participated in a plus and delta evaluation, they basically told us some of Ned's 8. There is a quote that sums up the issue, "If we would only listen and take heart - students have the answers" .

November 30 at 10:53am


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