Male Mentoring Empowerment Group Cultivating Leaders

Male Mentoring Empowerment Group Cultivating Leaders
November 1, 2010
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Male Mentoring Empowerment Group (M.M.E.G.) is a 3m state program based on the campus of Craven Community College in North Carolina. The mission of the program is to develop and cultivate leaders in the school and community through postsecondary education. M.M.E.G wants to help students develop by providing education, training, job skills, and communication skills to ensure they will be prepared for a global workforce and corporate diversity.

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MMEG under the leadership of Mr. Wali Davis is a local organization with a global impact. As America's Youth Advocate I am fortunate to work with many community enhancement groups, but this one is by far a trendsetter!

If you have joined MMEG, you need to do so today!

CL King

November 2 at 05:26am

I think this is wonderful, young men affecting change in their school....awwesome!

November 1 at 12:36pm


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