Medicaid: Essential to America's Hospitals and Communities

Medicaid guide for states
Families USA
February 23, 2012
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Seniors, children, people with disabilities, the chronically ill and low-income people—what do they all have in common? For them, Medicaid is crucial in providing health coverage and access to life-saving medical care. Despite its essential role in keeping millions of Americans healthy, the Medicaid program has been under constant attack.

But what many don’t realize is that defunding Medicaid will not only hurt people on Medicaid—it will also hurt hospitals, and in turn, communities. Often, the hospitals that rely on Medicaid the most are the major critical care and teaching hospitals in a community—hospitals that everyone depends on.

Families USA has created state-by-state issue briefs that discuss how hospitals in each state could be affected by cuts to federal Medicaid funding.  Use these resources to reach out to your communities and state leaders and let them know that Medicaid is essential to the health of our hospitals and our communities.

 If your state report is not available yet, check back later, as Families USA we will be posting new reports throughout the month.

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