New Year, New You: First Gen Tips for Success

New Year, New You: First Gen Tips for Success
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Teresa Salafrio
January 4, 2016
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Happy New Year! Here's to all of you who will become high school graduates in 2016—and those of you who graduated in 2015 joining the ranks of our thousands of alumni! The New Year marks an opportunity for a fresh start. Below are a few ideas to help you start 2016 with your best foot forward:

  • Decide what to change:Do you need to be more organized? Are there roadblocks getting in your way? Before we can make a change, we must first determine where change is needed.
  • Reflect on last year:Think about what worked for you last year and what didn't. Keep what worked; change what didn't.
  • Overcome roadblocks:We all hit obstacles. Whether your current roadblock is learning a subject that is hard for you or a difficult life circumstance, talk to someone such as your Academic Coach to come up with strategies to push past obstacles to achieve your goals.
  • Make a routine:Routine is key for online students. Look at your responsibilities, including work and family obligations. Make a schedule, writing in when you will do your schoolwork. If it is in your calendar, you are more likely to actually do it.
  • Get organized:Organize your work area by having a folder for your notes, divided by lesson. Have pens, pencils, and paper near your computer. Having an organized workstation can help you manage your time better and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Stay positive:Give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishments, no matter how small they are. Feel good about passing a test, completing a course, or reaching the 50% mark in earning your diploma. Always say, “I can do this”—you can, and you will.


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