N.Y. Millionaire Tax Gets a Push from Poll, Occupy Wall St.

USA Today
October 17, 2011
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An October 17 poll from New York's Siena College finds that nearly three-quarters of voters support a New York ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ on individuals making over $200,000 and couples earning over $300,000, which is slated to expire on Dec. 31, 2011.

From USA Today: "The push for a higher tax on New Yorkers making more than $1 million a year is getting fresh life with a new poll showing overwhelming support, a high-profile rally on Monday and the strengthening Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City."

But Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo "says taxing wealthier New Yorkers at higher levels would likely send the rich to Connecticut and New Jersey, taking their income tax revenue and jobs with them," according to the article.

Check out the full poll results here (Siena College).

Read the USA Today story at the link below.

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