State Trends Report Launch

State Trends Report Launch
October 23, 2017


State Trends Report Launch

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  • CFYJ’s newest report is out: “Raising the Bar: State Trends in Keeping Youth Out Of Adult Courts.” Click here to read it and learn more about the states that have blocked pathways of children into the adult criminal justice system between 2015 and 2017: #CFYJStateTrends #YouthJustice (with image “STATE TRENDS LAUNCH #1)
  • Did you know? 4 states (LA, NY, NC, SC) have passed laws to raise the age in 2016 & 2017! Only 5 states (GA, MO, MI, WI, TX) treat ALL 17 year-olds as adults regardless of their offense, and need to pass legislation to raise the age of juvenile court to 18. #RaiseTheAge #CFJYStateTrends (with image “STATE TRENDS #3”)
  • 9 states and the District of Columbia have based laws to limit youth in adults jails and prisons! Learn more in CFYJ’s new report #CFYJStateTrends #YouthJustice (with image “STATE TRENDS #4”)
  • The number of youth in adult prison on any given day has declined by 64% between 2009 and 2015. Learn more in CFYJ's newest report: #CFYJStateTrends #YouthJustice (with image “STATE TRENDS #8”)
  • In December 2015, Florida held the highest number of youth under 18 in adult prisons. An adult prison is #NoPlaceForAChild! Learn more in CFYJ's newest report: #CFYJStateTrends #YouthJustice (with image “STATE TRENDS #7”)
  • We are no longer giving up on our young people; rather, we are giving them a chance to get their lives back on track.” @LouisianaGov on raising the age in Louisiana. Learn more in CFYJ’s newest report: #CFYJStateTrends #RaiseTheAge (with image “STATE TRENDS #9”)
  • Raising the age is the right thing for public safety and for turning young people away from crime, it can also save taxpayers money.” @NCgovernor #RaiseTheAgeNC. Learn more in CFYJ’s newest report: #CFYJStateTrends (with image “STATE TRENDS #9”)
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