STEM Education Act of 2015 Signed into Law

STEM Education Act of 2015 Signed into Law
Afterschool Alliance
Anita Krishnamurthi
October 17, 2015
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H.R. 1020, the STEM Education Act of 2015, has been signed into law by the President of the United States. This bill is relevant to the afterschool community as it is very supportive of informal science education (which it defines as learning outside of the classroom at places like museums, science centers, and afterschool programs). H.R. 1020 directs the National Science Foundation (NSF) to maintain a priority in this area; specifically, it states that the NSF should “continue to award competitive, merit-reviewed grants to support:

  1. research and development of innovative out-of-school STEM learning and emerging STEM environments to improve learning outcomes and engagement in STEM; and
  2. research that advances the field of informal STEM education.

Read more about H.R. 1020 here

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