Video: New Strategies for Strengthening the Safety Net

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New America Foundation
November 2, 2012
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During the Great Recession, the safety net provided by public assistance programs lifted millions of families out of poverty. Others, however, fell through the cracks due to a dizzying and counterproductive maze of applications and eligibility requirements. 

Some state and local governments have identified new strategies to make their safety net programs more effective and efficient. By removing red tape and streamlining program administration and polices—from online applications to data matching—states have found that improving the ways programs are delivered also improves the experience of the families that are served. What lessons can we learn from these efforts that can remove barriers to benefit access and ease the strain on agencies' administrative capacities at scale? 

Watch the recorded session release event below, which explores the progress that has been made and the opportunities to build on these successes.

State Asset Limit Reforms and Implications for Federal Policy, the new policy paper from the Asset Building Program discussed at the event, is available for download here.

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