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Sharilyn Cano
The impact of sequestration—the across-the-board cuts to discretionary spending done without discretion—instituted huge cuts that impacted everyday ...
What moves Members of Congress when they’re undecided on an issue? What’s the best way to have an impact on your Representative or Senator? The answers ...
Government shutdowns affect everyone--including youth! 
Don’t just get mad, take action to help urge a responsible end to the shutdown that’s affecting millions of families and children.
feeding american video
Feeding America spoke with people across America about how SNAP, or food stamps, make a difference in their lives.
It's time to change course and invest in kids, says Bruce Lesley and First Focus in their annual Children's Budget report.
This toolkit put together by NDD United have the resources you need to engage in the budget debate and help understand what deep cuts can truly mean.
Groups gather in Denver to spotlight impact of budget cuts on kids and seniors.
What the "fiscal cliff" and compromises will mean for children, youth and families.
The President's budget shows big wins for pre-k, workforce development and opportunity youth, but isn't perfect.
Last week's jobs report made headlines, but here's an under-reported take-away: young Americans remain unemployed at rates above the national average.
Jan's Corner
The sequester will have a real and potentially long-lasting impact on programs and on children and youth. Here's what we can do about it.
From the National Women's Law Center, an update on how early care and learning is making its way around the budget, the media and advocates.
money sign
How do families working low-wage jobs make it? Information and tools to help advocates safeguard the programs that work.
Five solutions from the Center of American Progress on how to lift families out of poverty in 2013.
Jan Richter blogs on promising areas of compromise in long-term economic plans.
These new videos and an accompanying report show how past Presidents have invested in children--and why the current administration needs to do the same.
piggy bank
November 26, 2012 The Austerity Bomb
Voices for America's Children argues that sequestration won't only hurt kids, but can kick us back into a recession.
Fall 2012 data from the Census Bureau should inform Congress’s decisions about a balanced approach to deficit reduction and tax reform says poverty expert ...
child holding coins
Every Child Matters lays out the threats to children's safety net programs in the federal budget in 2013.