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Right now, the average college student leaves school with $30,000 in loan debt. This should be unacceptable to everyone because when our generation...
Internships are important components for young people to gain experiences in their desired fields in hopes of getting employment opportunities once...
First gens and experts share supports and advice to ease the transition from college to the workforce...

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What does rising student debt mean for first generation students?

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First-generation college student Steven Pacheco spent a year in prison but rather than be derailed, he is now hard at work researching and advocating to improve our justice system. He shares his journey with us.
Janaisa changed schools with an entirely new approach to teaching, Performance-Based Assessment Tests. She shares her experience with tackling new testing criteria. 
College is a huge step in any students' career, but there are a lot of assumptions in the college process. Most of them are at the expense of students and families already struggling to apply. Janaisa Walker shares her personal troubles with applying to college as a first-generation student. 
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The issue of college affordability is usually talked about as if the problem is a lack of good information, that students and their families don’t understand how the financial aid system works. In reality, the process for applying for that financial aid can be so onerous that it discourages talented students from even trying to navigate it.
Happy New Year! Here's to all of you who will become high school graduates in 2016—and those of you who graduated in 2015 joining the ranks of our thousands of alumni! The New Year marks an opportunity for a fresh start. Below are a few ideas to help you start 2016 with your best foot forward:
Navigating through college is like real-life obstacle course and a huge derailment for students trying to earn their degree. To help students get a clearer idea of their goals and expectations for college, institutions are creating maps that layout pathways to graduation.
Karen Pittman and Michele Cahill, friends and fellow leaders in youth work, held an audio conversation about how integrating youth development practices and design thinking can transform schools and learning. An empowering call with lots of online activity!
Americans owe more than $1 trillion in student loan debt—and we all will have to deal with the consequences. Find out more in the second installment of 'One Secret, Many Lives,' the digital companion series to the new Pivot TV show 'Secret Lives of Americans.'

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