First to Finish College

First gens and experts share supports and advice to ease the transition from college to the workforce...
Michelle Obama
In November, first lady Michelle Obama shared her experience as a first-generation college student and announced a more active role in helping low-...
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An introduction to the First to Finish blog series, exploring the challenges of first-generation college students and how to make college accessible...

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What does rising student debt mean for first generation students?

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SparkAction and Demo’s First to Finish College team spoke with several experts working with first gens to discuss what they felt was critical to ensure a student’s success—both before and after graduation


In New York and San Francisco, a nonprofit is quietly helping thousands of first-generation college students finish college and start promising careers.




Transitioning from college to career brings difficult decisions for any young person, but especially for a first-generation student. Here’s a look at the tools first gens need to make a successful shift. 



Former director of the Social Work Practicum for Our Lady of the Lake University and first-generation college grad, Ruth Bounous, writes about a former advisee whose p


First gens and experts share supports and advice to ease the transition from college to the workforce...

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[COMMENTARY] Mayor de Blasio may be vying for the title of “educational access” mayor in NYC, but he remains silent on issues that would boost higher education access in the city.


Rather than pushing college readiness, Paymon Rouhanifard plans to focus on improving school safety and renovating facilities as a first priority.


The Generation Schools Network explores how schools with tight budgets can achieve dramatic improvements not by increasing spending, but by redeploying their resources.


The First Lady Speaks about her new plan action for increasing college opportunity for low-income and disadvantaged students.

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