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What does rising student debt mean for first generation students?

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As a high school senior, Skyler Lopez, 18, wasn’t sure he was college material. He changed his mind after a campaign to encourage low-income and would-be first-generation college students to apply for college reached his hometown.
The Oasis Resource Center in Tennessee helps low-income, first-generation college students succeed with quality mentoring and opportunities for interaction.
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"It was mid-October of my senior year, and it was the first time I’d been called into my guidance counselor’s office. “Do you plan on going to college?” he asked. “Of course!” I answered excitedly.
A first-generation college student teaches a course for first-year students in navigating the challenges of college.
We asked three experts including a first-generation college student what colleges can do to support first-generation students during Fall break.
Two recent studies shows that next-generation mentoring and Facebook are crucial to helping first-generation college students suceed.
A study of 500 low-income high school students shows the impact of their social media networks on their familiarity, confidence and success in the college application process.
A foster care youth recounts the scary countdown to turning 21 with her work hours being cut, her public housing not ready, and her foster mother's commitment shaky. She learns how to manage an independent life and decides to go back to school.
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