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What does rising student debt mean for first generation students?

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The value of first generation college students -- often from low-income backgrounds  -- on campus extends beyond diversifying the student body.
A retired college faculty member reflects on her higher education experience as a first-generation college student.
A retired professor and first generation college student shares the important role of professors in helping first generation college students succeed.
Free online tools make it easier than ever to get accurate information to help students compare colleges.
Retired professor and former first generation college student Ruth M. Buonous explains the importance of college faculty relationships with first generation students.
The vast majority (nearly 70 percent) of low-income students attending elite colleges hail from just 15 large metropolitan areas. What's up with that?
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We like: the youth-generated What Kids Can Do project has a "First in the Family" series with multimedia resources, advice and a new section to help those in college make it to a four-year degree.
Back on Track Through College reengages disconnected youth and creates clear pathways through postsecondary credentials; it is now scaled in districts and states across the U.S.
college access
Written by students in East Nashville, TN this report examines barriers to college access from the perspective of the students themselves. Barriers identified include being first generation college students, lack of guidance counseling in high school, and income barriers. It aims to raise awareness of the issue of college access for students in East Nashville high schools.

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