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  • JJDPA is the main federal juvenile justice law
  • JJDPA protects kids and promotes safe communities
  • JJDPA funding has been cut significantly over the last decade

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Tuesday, October 17

Join the #YJAM National Call-In Day for the JJDPA.

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kids count on youth incarceration
America’s rate of locking up young people has dropped by more than 40 percent over a 15-year period, with no decrease in public safety, according to a 2013 report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.
From juvenile offender to recipient of the prestigious Soros Justice Fellowship, Frankie Guzman's life is an "opportunity" success story. A group of incarcerated teenage boys at the O.H. Close Youth Correctional Facility in Stockton slouch in plastic orange chairs, arms crossed, scowling at their tie-clad visitor, whose lecture will eat into their TV time.
The Second Chance Act supports a range of reentry programs around the country, designed to help those returning from jail or prison make a successful transition to life on the outside. This resource was creatied as a tool for Second Chance Act grantees as they develop employment strategies, by distilling lessons from research on a range of employment programs.
Liz Ryan
We're ready for the President would nominate a permanent administrator for the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).
Edward Ward was an honor student. School should have been a refuge for him, right? Not quite. His days at Orr Academy High School in Chicago were “nerve-racking.” and “tense” because of the ever-present threat of suspension and expulsion.
Defending Childhood
Joe Torre, the baseball player and former New York Yankees manager, had "a lot of insecurity and a lot of fear growing up."
image of young leaders
The National Council of Young Leaders, made up of former "opportunity youth" has specific policy recommendations to ensure access to education, training and good jobs for all youth.