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  • JJDPA is the main federal juvenile justice law
  • JJDPA protects kids and promotes safe communities
  • JJDPA funding has been cut significantly over the last decade

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Our favorite JJDPA-related resources.

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Cities United is hosting a three part webinar series, “Intersection of Structural Racism and Structural Violence" throughout October. The first webinar, Structural Racism, is a great primer—and for others a refresher—on language as it relates to prejudice, racism, equity, etc.
Congressional Black Caucus
The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 45th Annual Legislative Conference provided powerful discussions from young people, adovocates, and Congress members around the urgency for strong juvenile justice reform. Adam Clark shares a recap of the event.  
Alton Pitre
October is Youth Justice Awareness Month (YJAM). Now is the time to challenge ourselves to get involved in this movement. We must use our personal stories and experiences to change the minds and hearts of those in power.
We're excited to announce that President Barack Obama has signed a proclamation observing October as National Youth Justice Awareness Month. In his release, the President calls on americans to "observe this month by getting involved in community efforts to support our youth, and by participating in appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs."
Juvenile justice in the U.S. has for four decades been governed by only a single set of federal standards: those of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA). Learn how a new reauthorization could create a new lega standard for juvenile justice. 
pregnant girl
Every day in the U.S. abused and traumatized girls enter and are pushed through the justice system. Gender Injustice describes a better way for girls and underscores the need for swift JJDPA passage to guide and support states to stop criminalizing girls for misbehavior that is directly connected to trauma. 
gender injustice
Every day in the U.S., abused and traumatized girls enter and are pushed through the justice system.