KIDS 2012: Influencing the Discussion

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United States NFL 2016: Date Start Times TV Schedule Live Stream Football Game: Sunday Sep 11

unrealfullepisode | 10/08/2016 10:19 AM | vote

United States NFL 2016: Date Start Times TV Schedule Live Stream Football Game: Sunday Sep 11

unrealfullepisode | 10/08/2016 10:18 AM | vote
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extendedgloves | 02/16/2016 8:45 AM | vote

The Florida Debates: Ask the Right Questions. Demand Real Answers.

Children are one-quarter of our population, 100 percent of our nation's future—and far too small a share of the political discussion. Let's change that.

What do you want our candidates for President to answer in the upcoming Florida debates on Jan. 23 and 26?

Suggest a question, and use your FIVE VOTES for your favorites (hint: you can only vote for yourself once). Then, it's your turn to campaign: use the social media buttons to encourage friends and colleagues to vote for your submission. We'll share the top-voted questions with the candidates and the debate hosts.

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This contest is open to all, but a few rules apply: questions must be nonpartisan and cannot support or oppose, however implicitly, any particular candidates or parties. The goal of this competition is to raise the profile of child and youth issues in the presidential primary debates and throughout 2012. We reserve the right to remove, redact or modify any questions with objectionable content.