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January 7, 2014 | Time for the Under 24 to Get Noticed

Do you know a young person using his or her talents, passion and creativity to shatter myths about drugs? SparkAction's Top 24 Under 24 Mythbusters celebrates youth-led work to inform and empower young people to make decisions based on science, not rumor.

Plus, take action to raise the age in New York and read the latest news on opportunity youth, first-generation students, juvenile justice and more.



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Format: 2014-04-19
Justice data
Josh Rovner explains the startling disparities between how frequently black and white teenagers encounter the juvenile justice system.
A young member of the National Council of Young Leaders shares his thoughts on My Brother’s Keeper, a new federal initiative to support young men of color.
coyl election candidates
In a room full of friends, peers, and supporters, 19 talented YouthBuild members came together as one to celebrate their work growth with YouthBuild USA. This year ...
SparkAction and Demo’s First to Finish College team spoke with several experts working with first gens to discuss what they felt was critical to ensure a ...
In New York and San Francisco, a nonprofit is quietly helping thousands of first-generation college students finish college and start promising careers.    


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Tell Congress: Support Smart Investments for Kids!

A smart infographic shows the essence of investing in kids early, and lays out the consequences-- many more kids incarcerated.  Check it out and then tell Congress why they should always invest in kids.


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