Format: 2014-04-17
The National Juvenile Justice Network’s Sarah Bryer discusses state juvenile justice reform victories led by advocates, and how those actions need to be mirrored and ...
A noted researcher on why personalized outreach is the key to getting first-generation students into and through college.
YouthBuild USA CEO Dorothy Stoneman celebrates YouthBuild's accomplishments for at-risk youth over the past 35 years and looks to what is ahead.
youth at White House
On Sept. 26, President Obama made a personal appearance at the Youth Jobs+ Champions of Change event in DC, signaling his support for cross-sector efforts to ensure ...
colle student studying
What’s the role of ‘grit’ in helping first-generation students from low-income families succeed in college?
October 3, 2013 Give the Kids a Chance
Making the case for a Presidential Youth Council in a tense political climate.
Dannel Malloy
On Oct. 1, Reps. Larson (D-CT) and  Bishop (R-UT) and 15 cosponsors introduced a bipartisan resolution to create a Presidential Youth Council. This sends a ...
International Year of Youth logo
Samantha Holmes, one of our top 24 under 24 changemakers, shares her experience at an open meeting for youth organizations at the United Nations.
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The personal, powerful story behind the advent of October as Youth Justice Awareness Month.
Jan's Corner
Early intervention is key to get kids on the right path to graduation.
Physics class
A Cornell physics professor who was the first in his family to go to college shares some essential tips for first-gen students: starting with the advice to just show up.
With embedded racial inequality in the juvenile justice system, the JJDPA is working to reduce that with important programs and funding.
LYAC members
Starting this year, Louisiana high school students can earn a "distinction for community service" seal on their diplomas thanks to the Legislative Youth ...
youth council
In Colorado, youth-written legislation reformed teacher licensing laws to include suicide prevention training.
feeding american video
Feeding America spoke with people across America about how SNAP, or food stamps, make a difference in their lives.
A first-generation student finds a career at a community college helping others get on track to a fulfilling job of their own.
graduation hats
Why first-generation students should be more aggressive in pursuing opportunities once they arrive on campus.
interacive map
The 2012 poverty data shows higher percentages -- and higher stakes -- for children in poverty. 
SAG meeting
Collaborative State Advisory Groups, or SAGs, bring diverse perspectives into state juvenile justice programs—and are yet another way that the landmark JJDPA ...