Format: 2015-02-01
SparkAction's “Social Media SparkNotes” by SparkAction's social media manager Alison Beth Waldman aims to informs and generate discussion about ...
Karen Pittman
We know that America’s education system needs to be revamped, but is the answer to “unschool” our young people? Disturbingly, some people think so.
Reflecting on the 50 years since President Johnson's War on Poverty
A report, poll and communications resources addressing poverty in the U.S. over the past 50 years since LBJ's call for a “War on Poverty”.
Deverick knows how his life could have turned out if he hadn't stuck with his studies: prison, drugs, or even death. Instead, he became a star on the Baltimore ...
SparkAction is seeking an intern skilled in social media and blogging to support efforts to grow our online reach and networks. This is a 3+ month internship, ...
The First Lady Speaks about her new plan action for increasing college opportunity for low-income and disadvantaged students.
Karen Pittman
A former NASA engineer now teacher acknowledges that teaching kids is harder than building rockets.
kids on clocks
College readiness calls for tapping the resources of the whole community – higher education, community organizations, businesses, funders, and civic ...