Format: 2014-09-03
In the US, 2,500 young people are currently serving life sentences without parole. This radio show brings four experts together to discuss the issue.
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A review of the JJDPA's impact over the past 40 years.
2013 SIYAC
Youth of Iowa partner with public health departments and organizations to make change to bullying in their state.
Sharilyn Cano
The impact of sequestration—the across-the-board cuts to discretionary spending done without discretion—instituted huge cuts that impacted everyday ...
SparkAction joined the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) and experts in the juvenile indigent defense movement to discuss the challenges and reforms of ...
A resource that will makes it easier (and more engaging) than ever to get in-depth feature stories and vetted data covering a range of critical issues in the juvenile ...
From its very beginnings, JJDPA has supported-- and continues to support-- state and local to efforts to prevent juvenile delinquency.
Check out these November events on breastfeeding in Florida and Los Angeles.
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Expert Ben Castleman on ways to engage first-generation students once they are in college.
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This report from ACT, Inc. and the Council for Opportunity in Education examines the college and career readiness of first-generation college students in the U.S.
As a high school senior, Skyler Lopez, 18, wasn’t sure he was college material. He changed his mind after a campaign to encourage low-income and would-be ...
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Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.'s Shaena Fazal makes the case for the JJDPA for all core issues in the justice system for youth.