Format: 2015-03-02
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With the JJDPA undergoing reauthorization, new approaches have been suggested in order to insure that all youth, including girls and young women, get the help they ...
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[COMMENTARY] Mayor de Blasio may be vying for the title of “educational access” mayor in NYC, but he remains silent on issues that would boost higher ...
The President’s budget plan is the road map for early learning components, expanding the comprehensive supports offered to the most vulnerable ...
A study examines how community institutions in three mid-sized cities can use the "collective impact" model to tackle social and educational challenges.
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The JJDPA is introducing a new bill to legislation that would prohibit courts from placing youth in locked detention for status offenses.    
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A chief juvenile court judge explores how the JJDPA can ensure youth get services to continue their education, not time behind bars.
Rather than pushing college readiness, Paymon Rouhanifard plans to focus on improving school safety and renovating facilities as a first priority.
The Generation Schools Network explores how schools with tight budgets can achieve dramatic improvements not by increasing spending, but by redeploying their resources.
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SparkAction's former editorial associate Alison Waldman reflects on her unlikely journey to becoming a youth advocate.
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In the debate around closing achievement gaps and righting educational inequity, some students remain nearly invisible: those in the juvenile justice system. Caitlin ...
Letters to the Editor can help you get your message out to your community and to policymakers. Here are some tips to write and place them in local and online ...
GOOD looks at how youth are using poetry to change the conversation about diabetes.
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Just what makes these 24 young people Top 24 Under 24 Drug Mythbusters....