Format: 2014-10-20
The webinar addressed the benefits, steps to engage, and challenges of including young people in juvenile justice reform efforts with the help of two knowledgeable ...
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If you build it, and they don’t come, what do you do? In Oregon, when school-based health clinics faced this dilemma, county officials turned to youth for the ...
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The JJDPA has been a valuable tool to help begin to dismantle the pipeline to prison and punishment and instead create a pathway to appropriate services and treatment ...
Michelle Obama
In November, first lady Michelle Obama shared her experience as a first-generation college student and announced a more active role in helping low-income students get ...
The average school counselor in the United States has a caseload of 471 students.
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When young people have genuine opportunities and support to influence local and state policies, what happens? Our Youth Impact Snapshots series takes a look.
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We have both a significant problem and an opportunity from the 5.8 million young people who are neither enrolled in school or in work, says youth leader Alex Wirth.
We've come a long way since the "superpredator" stereotype. More states are using brain science to guide rehabilitation, supported by the JJDPA. Micah ...
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Hangout with Richard Ross and his powerful images of juvenile justice as he discusses photojournalists' imperative to not only document social injustice but to move ...
Michelle Obama
The First Lady announced a focus on improving college completion among first-generation and low-income students. What should she focus on?
In the US, 2,500 young people are currently serving life sentences without parole. This radio show brings four experts together to discuss the issue.
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A review of the JJDPA's impact over the past 40 years.