Format: 2015-03-30
ball and chain
Add your voice to tell the world that you believe in fair sentencing and want to see reform in the ways we hold children accountable when they commit serious crimes.
us capitol
Campaign strategies Liz Ryan explains the three reasons why new regulations are needed for the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act.
suspect sketch
We know from the data that racial and ethnic disparities remain a problem throughout the juvenile justice system. Why do these disparities persist and what can we ...
college students
As part of the First to Finish College series, the transition from college to career means leaving another home and moving on to an unfamiliar world.
youth in handcuffs
Anna Wong at the W. Haywood Burns Institute explains how the JJDPA bill is improving racial disparities within incarceration rates.
Justice data
Josh Rovner explains the startling disparities between how frequently black and white teenagers encounter the juvenile justice system.
adam g photo
A young member of the National Council of Young Leaders shares his thoughts on My Brother’s Keeper, a new federal initiative to support young men of color.
In New York and San Francisco, a nonprofit is quietly helping thousands of first-generation college students finish college and start promising careers.    
coyl election candidates
In a room full of friends, peers, and supporters, 19 talented YouthBuild members came together as one to celebrate their work growth with YouthBuild USA. This year ...
SparkAction and Demo’s First to Finish College team spoke with several experts working with first gens to discuss what they felt was critical to ensure a ...
For National Crime Victim's Right Week, Benjamin Chambers at the National Juvenile Justice Network talks about the pervasiveness of racial disparities in both the ...
First gens and experts share supports and advice to ease the transition from college to the workforce...
Transitioning from college to career brings difficult decisions for any young person, but especially for a first-generation student. Here’s a look at the tools ...