Grants for Afterschool, Weekend and Summer Programs for Youth

Dept of Education
U.S. Department of Education
November 17, 2013
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Each year, the Department of Education funds 21st Century Community Learning Centers to states, allocated to support the creation of community learning centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools.

The program helps students meet state and local student standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and math; offers students a broad array of enrichment activities that can complement their regular academic programs; and offers literacy and other educational services to the families of participating children.

Many states around the country are now conducting competitions to award 21st Century Community Learning Center grants for a number of projects related to after school and out of school learning. In the in the link below, find the State Contact List with links to State websites, application due dates, and types of programs states are funding for your state.

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I need help to send my kids to summer camp where can I get a grant

May 16 at 09:05am

I am looking for a grant to send my son to a summer camp. I have a two-year-old as well, and his daycare tuition is $140 a week.

May 5 at 12:59pm

I am looking for a 3000.00 grant to provide transportation for children to get to the public school where I teach so they can attend a summer reading camp for this summer 2014. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you.

May 4 at 06:44pm

I am looking forward to getting funds to help youth..

April 30 at 06:09pm

I am looking to help at risk African-American boys with math and reading during the summer. Needing finance assistance to do so. Hopefully you can point me in the right direction to help get funding.

April 26 at 05:07pm

i am looking for a grant to send my 8 year old son to summer camp, i am a single parent who works full time and it is very expensive being able to pay $140.00 weekly for camp and my other expenses.

April 23 at 03:53pm

I have a summer camp in Capitol Heights MD

April 23 at 01:18pm

is there grants available for elders/youth camp?

April 14 at 03:59pm

elders and youth camps , is grants available?

April 14 at 03:57pm

Looking for Summer Grants for at risk youth development camp for boys

April 14 at 12:20pm

I am looking to get a grant for about $500 dollars to take the three classes that I need over the summer in order to graduate early from high school. Is there any way that I could get some help with this?

April 13 at 11:52pm

My daughter has big dreams for her life. I'm looking for a way to get money so she can go to a World Leadership Summit at Harvard University through People to People.

April 13 at 03:45pm

I need a summer camp for my 9 and 10 years old, im a single mom and going to school myself. I dont have summer vacation, i'm desperate and worry about where im going to leave them.

April 8 at 12:53pm

I am a single mom of 4, I live in Conyers Georgia. My oldest is a student at Fort Valley University to become a veterinarian, I have 12 year old twins that are fraternal, and a 13 year old daughter. I am currently going to school to receive my degree in education and work for publix as a cashier. I Live in transitional housing and I am saving money so when we move out i will be able to provide a great home for my children. At this time I looking for information on grants for my kids for after school programs and summer day camps. My kids are good students and volunteer in the community with me at leas once a month. My oldest daughter is 13 and is member of the international club at her school that volunteer one Saturday a month. I want to continue my kids involvement in the community but need just a little help. I am not asking for full assistance just a little help. If anyone knows of any grants, payment plans, or assistance in my community please let me know. Thank you for your time and reading my story. Have a blessed day.

April 5 at 11:31am

Looking for funds to continue our summer youth program in Arkansas.

April 3 at 10:52am

I am looking for a grant to put my 2 young boys in summer camp. I am a single parent and needs to work. Summer camp is a little too expensive for me to pay for 2 kids.

April 1 at 10:32pm

looking for grant money to send student to camp

March 21 at 12:51pm

I am looking for a summer program for my 11yr old daughter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with focus on math, reading and science. Due to education not the focus in our state, I need the enrichment aspect. Could someone please help me?

March 20 at 05:44pm

I am looking for a grant to send my two youngest to a science camp that covers archaeology, veterinarian education, pottery, and much more. This camp would give them knowledge and memories of a lifetime.

March 20 at 09:18am

we have few poor children from rural area. at present they are at school soon the summer holidays will begin. we would like to do some thing for these poor children in the summer holidays, such as reading writing drawing, some recreation, would you please help with grants to help these poor children. thanks, waiting to hear you. Sr. Sudha

March 19 at 07:52am

Hello. I am trying to find grants for my son to attend sports camps this summer. he is a multi sport player and there are 4 camps he really needs to attend this year. He is going into senior year and really needs this instruction to be competitive. We can only afford to fund one of his camps. We have tried gofundme with no luck and were hoping there was some sort of grant or scholarship he could apply for that could help out.

March 19 at 01:29am

I am an intern for Southwest MN Housing Partnership in Slayton, MN. We are having summer camps this year for diverse students. In this camp, students will get an opportunity to meet with professors, explore different careers fields, talk to owners of family business, visit two to four colleges and knowledge from high school to college. I am looking for a funding to keep this summer youth camp going for students who need and doesn't have the opportunity to explore their options.

March 18 at 01:49pm

Summer reading program

March 12 at 09:05pm

Thank you for your helpful and timely reply. I am also looking for assistance to support the continuation of our Healthy Kids Club. We developed this afterschool program as a result of a 1-year grant to encourage and teach children how to incorporate healthy eating and physical fitness into their daily lives. A running club, yoga for children, physically active games, and nutrition information were four large components of our club. Our grant provided us with equipment and training to provide fun physical fitness activities in the gym and on the blacktop. We have been able to reach and sustain the participation of seventy of our students. We would be very interested in continuing these efforts in a summer camp format. Any additional information or co mmunication would be appreciated.

March 12 at 11:49am

I am seeking assistance to fund a summer program for at-risk students in a poverty stricken community just outside of Detroit, Michigan. I would like to address the "summer slide" issue that affects our students and presents a huge obstacle to meeting grade level objectives. Our program would offer literacy education in the form of reading and writing workshop along with Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions. Many of our teachers are eager to provide this kind of support for our at-risk elementary students if we can get the financial
support to make this happen.

March 7 at 07:11pm

Camp Summer Fun is an ‘open-air’ experience based on the principle of developing youth in leadership by providing structured, affordable summer recreation. Our purpose is to provide alternative outdoor activities for inner-city children by giving constructive outlets to offset the negative pull of the streets.
Camp Summer Fun has been in existence since the summer of 2009. In addition to recreational activities for the youth, our program will also serve as a source of educational and developmental reinforcement—physically, mentally, and spiritually.
We are seeking funding to subsidize camperships for 2014 applicants and to help with the costs of transportation for our camping activities.

March 6 at 03:22pm

We are interested in having a summer reading/math program for at risk students in our community. We would like to get children interested in reading.

March 1 at 10:57pm

I am a teacher at a Title I school in the Sacramento area. I am looking for funding to run an enrichment summer class for students whose preschool siblings will be attending a prekindergarten school program in June.

February 27 at 11:51pm

Hi there. We are looking to offer Summer Academy for school aged children. Can you advise of summer program grants or funding we might need in order to help administer the program under a non-profit umbrella?

February 25 at 06:11pm

Hello, I am interested in setting up a summer day camp for children from homeless shelters and provide a camp that enriches childrens lives socially, emotionally and intellectually. I would like some help with funding for this project. Thank you

January 30 at 03:46pm

I am a STEM educator for kindergarten thru 8th grade. I am interested in establishing a summer enrichment program that will focus on the STEM education and Next GEneration Science Standards for elementary students. How can I get funding.

January 18 at 10:07pm

I am the HR Director for the City of Greenville seeking support the hiring of high school students during the summer. It is my belief that this will help prepare our children to enter the workforce, instill a sense of pride in them, boost their self-esteem, develop their skills and abilities, and help them become well rounded responsible citizens in the community.

January 17 at 01:20pm

I am a passionate theatre educator looking to start a musical theatre camp this summer (2014) to a low income neighborhood at my school (J.O. Wilson Elementary) . I would like to obtain funding so that I can award scholarships and discounts to those who are financially unable to apply. Please help in any way possible.

December 21 at 08:55pm

I am interested in starting a summer program that provides enrichment for elementary and middle grades students. How can I get funds.

November 21 at 09:43am

I would like to start a summer program for at risk youth. In south Carolina, however I need help finding funds that will support this start up program.

November 14 at 01:58pm

In the Heart of Flint Michigan St. Ruth Academy Montessori provides a summer programs for children age 2-10. The purpose is to provide a safe family christian environment that includes summer activities and field trips to help keep our children of the future of the streets or home alone through out the day. We also provide tutoring and meals for our children. I'm a strong believer of the quotation that "it takes a village to raise a family". and that "Charity begins at home". This is our 3rd year in this endeavor and we have endured through prayer and faith and unity for our children of the future, however this year we must seek additional help for funds to keep our program going. Please help us if you can, your kindness will never be forgotten.

November 13 at 07:12am

A after school Summer program for youth

November 5 at 11:10am

Each summer, Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama provides summer activities for children from age 5-12. The purpose of the Summer Camp here at Sixth Avenue is to reach out to families and children by providing a safe, fun and christ-centered environment. Daily activities include physical fitness, spiritual devotion, educational enrichment, entertainment swimming and twenty field trips all during a 10 week camp. There is also a chance to offer camp for holidays and spring breaks. Seeking additional funds to cover the cost of expanding the service for more students.

October 14 at 07:03pm

The Youth Foundation in Memphis Tn and I'm the founder does gang intervention for the school system and our 501c3 is pending and we need funding for youth involved with gangs for after school program , my youth are dying in the street of Memphis and they are people getting funds who don't help our kids we have been doing this program for free for about 2 years and my Director is a ex gang leader from Chicago who works for me mentoring gang related youth in our city so we really need the funding and we have a building offer from a school hear in Memphis to run the program in the school and we just need the funding to set up the space on the second floor to run the program/ we have pictures of all our peace rallies speaking engagements and giveaways we have done in the past two years my kids need a building where they really succeed in the future and that starts with education / Thanks Youth Foundation Founder Thomas Norphlet

October 8 at 04:12pm

Hi i was wondering if there are any grants to help me get my autistic son to camp this summer he will be 21 yrs old .I just need some funding so he can enjoy himself Thank you Mary New Jersey

September 29 at 11:35pm

We just launched a new teen program at our church named Recharge. it is an after school hang out environment. We will offer free food, homework help, sports, games, and crafts. our church is located one block from the city high school and we are trying to appeal to kids who otherwise would have no interest setting foot in a church building. our goal is to provide a friendly, no pressure atmosphere for teens to come "recharge" once a week. i have been searching grant oppertunities all day and have hit many dead ends trying to find assistance in funding this program. any suggestions?

September 17 at 12:26am

I would like to stated a summer program for kids in a rural area in texas can you can you help me to get stated?

September 6 at 12:16am

I am a Mother of four (4) children age ranges from 5, 6, 9, and 12 yrs old. I just started a new job and my kids started school. I need to have all my kids to attend their after school programs but the cost is so much and I can't afford it but I NEED it right now. Is there some type of grant or assistance I can apply for to help me? I'm located in Marietta, GA... Cobb County

August 14 at 08:28am

I would like to start a Reading Program at my church. Members are interested. I would like for the program to help children in school. Members have ask for help with adults. I am just not sure how to get grants to help. I would be greatly appreciative for any help you could provide.

August 10 at 09:10am

please help my so n is struggling with reading he is going into 3rd grade there is a reading program i cant afford its 340.00 please help or point me in right direciion asap times running out

July 1 at 06:58am

please direct me to sources of funds for a summer program in 2014 targetting children at risk in a community at risk

June 26 at 08:34pm

I am looking for funds to maintain two programs that are faltering in my area, Science Club and a Writing Workshop. These wonderful programs are maintained by the volutneers who until now have been paying for paper and supplies out of their own pockets. Through these programs, inner city at risk youth have learned to express their emotions through writing and stimulate their scientific aptitude. Two grants to help meet the costs of supplies for these programs may mean the survival of these programs. Thank you.

June 21 at 08:11pm

I am looking for funding to start a summer enrichment program for K-5 students. There are twenty five k-5 elementary schools in my county. Five the schools mad adequate yearly progress. Students in this grade level range need a summer program to help them to retain skills taught during the academic year.

June 17 at 01:21pm

I am Rev. Kenneth Brown, CEO and President of U.E.E.C. I am currently partnered with a elementary school in a rural area in western Jefferson County Texas. We are 501 (c) (3) exempt, a state vender, SAMS number and a bldg. with 15 computer networked and internet connected. There should be more funding for the rural areas in the Southeast Texas area. Our computers need to up graded, it's extremely difficult to attract volunteers. Due to the daily trip to the Rural Area, the depressed economy the price of gasoline and people needing extra income, we need to pay salaries or award volunteers for their services to help the children. In these United States of America, Community Learning Centers are very important and funding should be available and not so difficult to apply for. I applied for the 21st CCLC Cycle 8 Year 1. I had to mail out 4 application packages that consist of at least 80 - 90 pages each. I was asked questions that seemed to check my integrity more than concern for the help of the children. We are now waiting for the announcement of who won the grants and the grading process hasn’t started. The summer break is about to start and I can’t afford to run this enrichment program this summer (as I did last summer) out of my own pocket. HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLP PLEASE.

June 15 at 12:37pm

I am the First Lady Nicole Thomas apart of a small up in coming church named Elevation community church where the pastor is Donte Thomas. In our church we are implementing a summer camp open to the community for a minimal fee. This service is part of a vision to help build the community . We are asking for funding to upgrade the schooling part of the facility ands eek funding to provide transportation to the field trips provided on schedule
Thank you in advance for your consideration in regard to this matter .

June 10 at 02:45pm


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