Grants for Afterschool, Weekend and Summer Programs for Youth

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U.S. Department of Education
November 17, 2013
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Each year, the Department of Education funds 21st Century Community Learning Centers to states, allocated to support the creation of community learning centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools.

The program helps students meet state and local student standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and math; offers students a broad array of enrichment activities that can complement their regular academic programs; and offers literacy and other educational services to the families of participating children.

Many states around the country are now conducting competitions to award 21st Century Community Learning Center grants for a number of projects related to after school and out of school learning. In the in the link below, find the State Contact List with links to State websites, application due dates, and types of programs states are funding for your state.

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I am looking for grants to send my children to summer camp. How can I find ways to send them with grants?

April 29 at 05:37pm

Hi my name is Mr. Courtney Cunningham. I'm a farmer from Meridian,Ms. I'm writing today asking for help funding my youth farm leadership and development program. The program is for the youth in the Meridian area to build leadership skills using farm animals. The program is a year around type function open to male and female ages 12 to 18 that apply. The program is a basic summer program starting the summer of 2013 lasting in "two" 8 week cycles through the summer and restarting in the spring. The money I'm asking for will go to well needed upgrades on the farm which i am unable to proved on my own to hold a project of this size.The project will bring so much positive and growth to the community. The main purpose of the program is teaching life skills and developing our youth to become better adults using farm animals as a tool. Thanks and God bless.

April 11 at 12:30am

I am interested in developing an effective afterschool and starting a summercamp program also. If there are any sights and / or departments that will be of better use I would greatly appreciate it. Do I need to feel out additional information for specific interests? Please let me know. I am researching now, but would appreciate any follow-up resources.Thank you

April 8 at 09:20pm

My kids want to go to camp, how do low to mid income families send their children?

April 5 at 02:53pm

We at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Seattle, Washington, need funds to continue our Summer Enrichment and Education Program (SEEP). The eleven-year-old program has been funded by corporations and donations from members; the church does not provide funds. As many as fifty-one students have participated, at least half low income. Refresher courses in math, history, computers, gardening, art, crafts, and English are staples, but geography, architecture, and business are often parts of the program. Last year Antioch University sent five volunteers for two hours twice a week to present a reading program. Students go on field trips: library and swimming (weekly), Mt. Rainier, university, colleges, museums, Soundbridge, parks, etc. With $15,000, the program could continue another year, at least. Thank you.

March 27 at 12:42pm

I would like some information on possible grants for a summer youth program, community-based but through my church. The focus of the program would include art and possibly music. I am located in the Bucks County area of Pennsylvania.

March 25 at 01:13pm

I am looking for a grant to provide summer education and healthy life styles using Culinary, in school children after school and this summer, June and July 2013 in Nanakuli Intermediate and High School Hawaii

March 23 at 07:01pm

I am searching for funding to continuing our afterschool summer enrichiment program. This program started in 2002.

March 19 at 11:00am

I am looking for funds to start a summer educational and after tuturing program for the youths in baton rouge, La. I am a pastor's wife. and there are many children in the area with failing grades because of a like of resourses please help.

March 18 at 02:34pm

I am looking for funds to start a summer youth employment program in Jamaica West Indies. The program kick off will be in July 2013,

March 10 at 04:30pm

In an effort to help with the summer reading "slip" I am looking for funding for a summer reading program. After successfully meeting their summer reading goals the students would be treated to celebration during the first week of school to kick off our school year AR program. Many of our students do not have transportation into town to the public library however they are located close to the school and could get to the school if such a program was offered. We would also love to target parents who are non-readers during this summer programs. Would love to hear from others who might have found funds for such a program :-)

March 7 at 02:30pm

We we are creating a water ecology and nature camp at 3 inner city locations in Oregon. Our need is to fund transportation costs so that once a week we could take the 3 camps to a state or regional park to gain skills and understanding of nature and water.

March 1 at 06:33pm

My name is May Banzine, I'm a high school-er. I have recently been selected by the white House doctor to join a Nation Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. The tuition is around $2,500, and I need help raising that money.

February 21 at 10:45pm

Hello I am the Camp Director at Kids Rock at the Luke Summer Enrichment Program. I am seeking help for our summer enrichment camp for age group 4-15. We need more information about grants to help fund us. This is our third year and we need help funding the camp so it can continue to run successfully. I have a BSW and we run the camp from my local church. We are in a poor area of the city and the children are minority students. We are striving to help students retain reading skills over the summer , to help children who are struggling in reading and have a learning disability. Also we want to help the children with character building and how to use theri social skills.
Rev. Rita Rutledge

February 21 at 11:57am

i love helping or enriching children with after school programs

February 12 at 03:53pm

My colleague and I are looking to start a summer program for children 4yrs to 6 yrs old in East Orange, New Jersey. We would like more information about grants and how to apply it to a start-up program.

February 8 at 06:37pm

My name is Kevin Cunningham, director of a MENTORING company called F.O.C.U.S.E.D.,INC. I mentor many youth and is heavily involved and initiated mentoring many 4th and 5th graders. It is my desire to begin programs/camps for the summer to assist in academics, social and behavioral issues to youth in communities considered to be in poverty. I am a LPC and once worked at a Mental Health facility where we did many camps during the summer. I am at a loss as to how to get a grant to begin the program.?

February 7 at 02:38pm

I am an elementary math and science teacher. My school is in an area where students are not performing well in reading, math, and science. Many of the parents at my school are looking for summer educational programs to assist thier child(ren). I am eager to start a summer program to assist students in reading, math and science. I am looking for grants to start the program this summer. The program will provide elementary grade students within their neighborhood the opportunity to participate in hands-on science activities, math/reading workshop, and field trips that will encourage students to explore careers in math and science.

February 5 at 11:30pm

I would like to help poverty children enriching their lives after school and during the summer. How can I go away getting a grant to start up a program.?

February 4 at 01:58pm

Dear Department of Education,
I am looking for an opportunity to help the youth in my area at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. I would need funding to create a reader's theatre kit to introduce to the students.

February 1 at 04:05pm

Dear Department of Education,

I am the Director of Finance at a charter school and just learned that our founding was cut by $400,000. This means that most of our programs will be cut as well.

Being able to provide summer school this year will be an advantage for our needy kids who are willing an able to make AYP if given the opportunity with the proper resources.

Can you please help us in provided Summer School to our students.

Thanks very much.

January 30 at 04:38pm

We have the need and resources for quality afterschool experience, but we don't have funds to pay certified teachers to properly facilitate the learning.

January 30 at 12:20pm

Seeking funding to provide free Summer Enrichment Program a under served community in SE Washington, DC

January 22 at 11:14am

I am seeking funding to continue operation and expansion of an out of school program. We seek to serve more students and families who need our assistance academically, socially and financially.

January 22 at 10:07am

Hello my name is Lena Carroll. I am a kindergarten teacher in Kinston, NC. We would like to have a summer program to help jump start our students for kindergarten. Our students are low income and do not have previous experience with reading and writing. With funding we will be able to provide kindergarten readiness with a developmentally appropriate program that includes assessment and a comprehensive 4 week program.

January 20 at 11:10am

Please let me know a listing of various grants that identity after school grants

January 17 at 01:34pm

Looking for funding for a church base summer camp for students ages 5 to 17. Reading, writing, math, arts and crafts and Bible study will be taught. The camp will be free to the children who attend. The camp is located in Sumter, SC at a local church. I need funding to pay college students and retired teachers who want to work.

January 16 at 01:59pm

Hello my name is Latasha Green and i am a student at NIU in the dekalb, IL community. we are seeking funds to help start a free summer camp for low-income kids in the community.

January 14 at 02:56pm

We are seeking funding for our after school and summer program in Shreveport, Louisiana. We work with children from ages 4 to 14. Our program has reading, writing, math, science, character education, life skills, nutrition, and fun and games. We really need funding to keep out program going.

December 12 at 03:06pm

we are seeking funds for our summer camp in south carolina for school age childrens 6 to 14 years old

December 3 at 07:35am

We would like to begin a summer programs for students 4-8 grade in the premedical and predental sciences.

December 3 at 12:45am

We would like to begin a summer program for students in grades first through fifth grade. The emphasis will be 3 areas: Reading, Math and Writing, only.

November 12 at 03:03pm

I am seeking fundings to provide a free summer program here in jacksonville, fl for school aged youth 8 to 18

October 24 at 01:22pm

I am seeking funding to continue the after school program that we have done for the last 3 years as volunteers. Due to cut in our salary we can no longer sustain the program on our own. It is a READ 180 Writers Workshop Enrichment Program. Please can you help us or direct us to any funding resources. We would truly appreciate it.

October 5 at 05:17pm

I am interested in funding a summer program aimed to help at risk incoming high school freshmen transition to a large high school setting. The curriculum will be literacy and numeracy skill based with support in social skills necessary for success in the secondary setting.

August 29 at 09:46am

i am interested in applying for a grant to operate a summer youth enrichment program next summer

August 23 at 01:58pm

Grant for Summer Enrichment Program

August 20 at 11:17pm

grants for afterschool please tell me more.

August 3 at 02:09pm

I am looking for funding for my daughter to attend an "on-campus" summer camp in 2012, one I hope will help her, 16, find her passion and get more interested in college, and university education.

July 7 at 08:37pm

I have a 8 year old son and a 6 year old grand-daughter. I am disableand would like to send my kids to Learn and Play Camp at the church across the street from my home would it be possible to help me with funding so my kids and have a good summer this will be their only enjoyment because I am unable to take them to any amusement parks. Please help us enjoy our summer. thank you Mom and Kids

July 5 at 11:41am

Their and reson why i need this Grant for years single parent need help to send their kids to and after school program.Mmy goal is to supply the of low income families.

June 30 at 09:49pm

need grant for summer enrichment, after school program in proverty area of Mississippi County

June 30 at 02:44pm

I am a retired school administrator and whould like to give back to the small rural community in Plaquemines Parish.

June 21 at 08:00am

i am interested in a grant for my kids so they can go to summer camp............

June 19 at 11:11am

I'm single parent need help with sending my child to overnight camp.

June 5 at 09:44pm

I need this grant for a summer camp for students from low income families who need help with summer camps to better their education

May 24 at 10:54pm


May 17 at 08:40am

I need this grant for my kids summer school programs to better my kids eudcation

May 8 at 03:44pm

For my education

May 8 at 03:41pm

I need this grunt to help my kids and my eduucation

May 8 at 03:39pm


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