Grants for Afterschool, Weekend and Summer Programs for Youth

Dept of Education
U.S. Department of Education
November 17, 2013
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Each year, the Department of Education funds 21st Century Community Learning Centers to states, allocated to support the creation of community learning centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children, particularly students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools.

The program helps students meet state and local student standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and math; offers students a broad array of enrichment activities that can complement their regular academic programs; and offers literacy and other educational services to the families of participating children.

Many states around the country are now conducting competitions to award 21st Century Community Learning Center grants for a number of projects related to after school and out of school learning. In the in the link below, find the State Contact List with links to State websites, application due dates, and types of programs states are funding for your state.

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I'm single parent need help with sending my child to overnight camp.

June 5 at 08:44pm

I need this grant for a summer camp for students from low income families who need help with summer camps to better their education

May 24 at 09:54pm


May 17 at 07:40am

I need this grant for my kids summer school programs to better my kids eudcation

May 8 at 02:44pm

For my education

May 8 at 02:41pm

I need this grunt to help my kids and my eduucation

May 8 at 02:39pm

My inner city non profit is seeking funding for a complete literacy based program for adults and children.

May 7 at 01:21pm

I am looking for grants that will fund our after school and summer program. We are trying to make a difference not with words but with Action!

May 4 at 10:03am

I am single mother , who is looking for a grant for a summer camp while my child is out

May 1 at 04:43pm

I am currently looking for grants to support a year round youth empowerment program. You can find us at Thanks!

May 1 at 11:42am

I am looking for summer enrichment program funding

April 27 at 01:09pm

Looking for grants to help with summer school program.

April 23 at 11:35am

I would like more information of summer youth programs.

April 17 at 09:08pm

Hello, i am a low income student currently in the 11th grade who is interested in participating in the 2012 Junior Statesmen Summer School program. I am incredibly eager for the oppurtunity however the cost of the program including room and board for the mounth comes out to 4,395, and that is more than my family can afford. I have been accepted and still need to raise 4000. Hello, My name is Frank Chaparro and I have recently been accepted to the JSA Summer School at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. to study International Relations.I was accepted into the program based on my political inclinations, as well as my grades, extracurriculars and community service. While there I willI take college level courses that will help me understand the intricacies of US government.I am very serious and passionate about debating and politics, and hope that this experience can help me grow as a "politician" and also open me up to new ideas and ways of thinking.

April 17 at 09:05pm

I am looking for funding for summer youth program.

April 12 at 09:52am

We are seeking grants for summer enrichment programs for youth from low-income families in a rural community.

April 4 at 01:42pm

I'm trying to get a grant to send my son to the Medical and Science program in Maryland. I would like to know how do I go by applying for that.

April 3 at 09:33am

looking for grants for summer programs for low income at rist students

April 1 at 05:39pm

I am looking for 2012 summer camps funding information for my daughter

March 29 at 09:53am

Hi. I am interested in more information. Are these scholarships offered in Denver, CO also? Are they available to collabrative groups or summer enrichment programs/

March 22 at 01:35am

looking for summer program funding for inner city/low income children. The focus would be reading, writing and math, ages 10-16.

March 22 at 01:26am

looking for summer program funding

March 12 at 02:32pm

i would like informatiion about a grant for summer camps

March 12 at 01:37pm

I am interested in funding / grant information for a summer youth program for low income/ at risk students

March 6 at 02:13pm

would like info on summer programs

March 5 at 02:03pm

The Missoula YMCA is gearing up for summer camp. The Y serves over 900 children in our summer camps every year. We are estimating to give away over $600,000 in scholarships and financial assistance to children. Part of the magic of summer camp, especially in Montana is being in the outdoors. Unfortunately, its is very expensive to obtain permits for children who may not otherwise have the chance to go to a lake, hiking on a trail or just enjoy fresh air away from the city. Montana has a such amazing educational opportunities for children. We hope to give all of the children the chance to experience nature at its best.

March 2 at 01:42pm

I am interested in grant information for a summer enrichment program for inner city youth.

March 2 at 10:03am

I am interested in funding/grant information for a summer youth program for low income/at-risk students

February 25 at 04:28pm

Please send me information on grants for summer school enrichment using science and math content.

February 25 at 01:52pm

KYDS Inc. is getting ready for summer and preparing for our commitment to carry out our late Board Presidents wish of sending as many disadvantaged students to summer camp as possible, through the Robert Ellis Memorial Summer Camp campaign. On July 9th, 2012, our goal is to send 100 underprivileged students on a majestic summer camp experience, nestled away in the Los Padres National Forest. For the sixth consecutive year, we will be making a big impact in the lives of children living in unfavorable conditions by providing an outdoor education, building self esteem and changing the course of their lives. KYDS is in need of Summer Camp Grant opportunities for this prgram.

February 13 at 01:54pm

I want information about recieving fund to continue a reading summer camp . we have operates tfor the past five years

February 10 at 06:09pm

Please send me information for minority low income children ages 6 to 14 years for a reading and writing program for summer camp.

February 7 at 07:32am

I would like information about a grant that might help fund a summer camp for gifted minority and low income students. Thanks!

January 31 at 12:07pm

Please send me information on where and how to get a grant for a summer youth program for children 4yrs-16yrs. of age.

January 27 at 11:27am

Please send me info in search of grant for summer program

January 19 at 05:45pm

I've worked in schools and with after school programs. I've had the privilege of seeing the students eyes light up when they achieve a good score or complete a difficult task. I consider it an honor, and I would love to find opportunities to enrich their lives.

January 13 at 10:31pm

I'm in desperate need for financial aid, for parsons school of design summer program, i'm 15 and currently inrolled in all honors level courses.

January 9 at 01:24pm

Our church is interested in funding for a summer program for our youth. Many of the children in our community are not fed nutritous meals once school is out for the summer. Additionally most of them do not participate in enrichment activities during this period. Our initial program began last summer with volunteers and a budget of $600. We are in search of funds that will expand the services an opportunities that these children would not ordinarily have.

January 2 at 03:48pm

Hi there. My name is Regina Burton and I am hoping that someone can advise me on grant programs that are available to assist me with our Summer Program here in Reading, PA. We need financial help to make is possible for us to continue the program in 2012. We provide a safe haven for up to 30 children. We stress the importance of good conduct, positive attitude, respect and self-awareness. We provide a very rigorouse program exposing our kids to various companies and programs that they would not be exposed to on their own. This is currently established as a 9 week summer program for children from ages 3 - 12 years old, Our goal is to make the program available to at least 30 children full time 5 days a week this coming summer and 10 part time students. We also provide transportation to pools, parks, museums and amusement parks etc. So anyone who can assist me and provide some input on what grants are available that would be helpful to us would be appreciated.

December 19 at 03:02pm

Hi, my name is Kiara McNeal , and i am apart of a chinese programs at William M Raines located in Jacksonville Florida. Me and fellow high school seniors are planning a trip to china ,though we dont have the means for it. Parents can't provide everything,every child deserves and adventure.

December 14 at 02:04pm

My name is Dale Valdery I,M looking for a program that is year round. Youths from the city of New Orleans are in real need of tutoring and recreational activities that are family orientated. THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM CAN NOT DO IT ALONE PARENTS WILL NEED TO ASSIST IN THE IMPROVEMENT OF EACH AND EVERY CHILD.

September 20 at 03:03pm

Hi my name is James Snead
I have a wrestling program in Providence Rhode Island. We train up to 40 children in wrestling and reading. We would like to extend our reading program for the summer of 2011. The program is called "Wrestling with Reading". We take trips to parks and beaches. We learn motor skills, conditioning, and wrestling. I am also involved with a lunch program carried out at a Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Providence that allows us to house a federal breakfast and lunch program there. Children can receive lunch from the ages of 5-13. Our main focus is to get every child to read.
James Snead

January 12 at 01:52pm

Hi my name is chaevon samuel
l and I am working at a daycare in fairhaven.This year after the 6 th August we will be runing a summer camp for ages 5-11 and we would like to know if we was able to get grants to go on trips .Such as skateing trips,water parks, movies, ect....
chaevon Samuel

June 22 at 09:48am


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