Readiness Insights: Readiness is a Right Series

Readiness is a Right

Provocative insights on well-being and readiness

05/23/2016   |   Ruben Austria

Rev. Rubén Austria on the less obvious ways our nation's approach to juvenile justice is influencing our communities.

Ready by Design - Science  cover
03/29/2016   |   Karen Pittman

It is time for bolder language and a bolder call to action: Together, we must ensure that readiness is a right for every young person. Every system, organization and program must be permitted—and in fact incentivized—to promote readiness as defined by the science.

01/26/2016   |   Stephanie Malia Krauss

Time is not a cure-all for a young person’s problem behavior. Stephanie Krauss discusses the readiness traps that occur when time is considered a proxy for progress.

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09/14/2015   |   Karen Pittman

Karen Pittman explores the role afterschool programs play that led with what research tells us are effective developmental practices – those designed to ensure that young people feel safe and supported so they can be fully engaged and successful. 

07/29/2015   |   Stephanie Krauss

After a trip to the United Kingdom, Stephanie Krauss reflects on the similarities between youth-based programs and services in the UK and US that struggle with funding deficits and limited resources. 

06/01/2015   |   Stephanie Krauss

There are plenty of young people who struggle to complete school because of obstacles in their personal lives, but this struggle should not determine a young person’s destination.

stephanie krauss
05/14/2015   |   Stephanie Krauss

Stephanie Krauss reflects on her trip to Malawi and the comparison she saw there and in the U.S. to make readiness a right. 

05/07/2015   |   Karen Pittman

Any parent would be thrilled to hear positive feedback during a parent-teacher conference. The next step in helping a child progress isn't always an easy one to hear. Learn how letting a child be themselves can help them on a journey to readiness.