Innovation Stories: The Readiness Project

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Our new series of articles examines what happens when communities, families and systems—including the education system—take the approach that everyone can learn, and all young people deserve to be ready.

Cost calculator
02/10/2017   |   Mikhail Zinshteyn

Professor creates a quickie calculator to help students and families

02/12/2015   |   Alicia Wilson-Ahlstrom

For students whose lives and learning styles make traditional school hard, Boston Day and Evening Academy's competency-based approach to learning is making a big difference.

11/03/2014   |   Patrick Boyle

Nashville's Creswell Magnet Middle School is expanding its school day, but the change is not primarily about time. It’s about fundamentally redefining how students learn.

10/16/2014   |   Caitlin Johnson

What if a school started with the principle that students learn differently, but everyone can learn—and then designed a system around that? It would look a lot like what's happening in the Lindsay Unified School District in California. 

The Readiness Project combines curiosity with experience to identify what it takes for all youth to be ready for adulthood.

Here, we examine local efforts to increase equity, improve learning and fix the gaps and "systems traps" facing youth.

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