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12/05/2017   |   Campaign for Youth Justice

The JJDPA supports meaningful and effective alternatives to incarceration for young people in states and communities across the country. Here are just a few examples.

07/05/2016   |   SparkAction

First-generation college student Steven Pacheco spent a year in prison but rather than be derailed, he is now hard at work researching and advocating to improve our justice system. He shares his journey with us.

04/22/2016   |   Ready by 21

Karen Pittman reflects on the progression of tools, resources, and leaders that are working to change the odds for entire zip codes by intentionally improving the readiness practices that can and must be embedded in all of the systems and settings where young people spend their time.

04/20/2016   |   SparkAction

College is a huge step in any students' career, but there are a lot of assumptions in the college process. Most of them are at the expense of students and families already struggling to apply. Janaisa Walker shares her personal troubles with applying to college as a first-generation student. 

Ready by Design - Science  cover
03/29/2016   |   The Forum for Youth Investment

It is time for bolder language and a bolder call to action: Together, we must ensure that readiness is a right for every young person. Every system, organization and program must be permitted—and in fact incentivized—to promote readiness as defined by the science.

01/26/2016   |   Youth Today

Time is not a cure-all for a young person’s problem behavior. Stephanie Krauss discusses the readiness traps that occur when time is considered a proxy for progress.

01/04/2016   |   Career Online

Happy New Year! Here's to all of you who will become high school graduates in 2016—and those of you who graduated in 2015 joining the ranks of our thousands of alumni! The New Year marks an opportunity for a fresh start. Below are a few ideas to help you start 2016 with your best foot forward:

student loan
10/30/2015   |   Youth Today

Four traps that get in the way of readiness and knowing what they are has transformed how Stephanie Krauss thinks about readiness.