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After reading about "mixed results” of epidemiological research on mercury, and whether or not the mercury in fish is  harming children, Moms Clean ...
A new study finds declines in two kinds of youth Internet sexual encounters of great concern to parents: unwanted sexual solicitations and unwanted exposure to ...
Data from the Department of Health and Human Services estimate that 2.5 million young adults have remained on their parents' health insurance plans as a ...
Academy of Pediatrics
Youth in the juvenile justice system are at high-risk for physical, mental and developmental health issues.
Bill Bentley
The candidates, including President Obama, are not addressing child and youth issues. It's up to us to change that.
An agreement in an on-going lawsuit will provide mental health services to California children in, or at risk of entering, nation's largest child welfare system.
The end of a ban on state employee’s kids enrolling in CHIP could broaden coverage for a substantial number of low-income families.
A study of five states found that foster children are more likely than other kids to be given mind-altering drugs, including antipsychotics and antidepressants.
While jobs may take center stage as the top priority for regaining America’s economic footing, young adults also see health care access as central to any ...
Many domestic programs will feel pain, but Medicaid appears to be part of the "protected" class. Meanwhile, news outlets continue to report on the pending ...
Really?! With Seth and Kermit
In the wake of Congress's block of new rules on school lunches, pizza has now been deemed a vegetable for school meals--thanks to the tomato paste found in the ...