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Community service
For the past five decades, New York State has treated 16- and 17-year-old offenders as adult criminals. An experiment begun this year seeks to change the rules, amid ...
Kids in jail
You have no doubt gotten a glimpse at the criminal justice system through the news and the plethora of crime shows on television. But, when the person accused of ...
Reclaiming FUtures
"How can a judge turn a child into an adult?" That's a question lawyer Bryan Stevenson has spent years asking. Stevenson is the founder and executive director of the ...
Kisha Bird of CLASP explores the key investments for youth present in the President's FY2013 budget proposal.
President Barack Obama unveiled his 2013 budget proposal last week, which calls for $3.8 trillion in spending and projects a $901 billion deficit for the year.  ...
Juvenile Justice
Bart Lubow visited Oregon last week and sat down with Reclaiming Futures to discuss the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Judicial Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI).
Act 4 JJ
Act 4 Juvenile Justice looks at the items regarding juvenile justice in President Obama's 2013 federal buget proposal.
How a magazine written by and for incarcerated young people helped one 20-year-old not just survive, but find a foothold in the job market.
Jolene Altman leads a Counterpoint session. Credit: Portland Business Journal.
With some 15,000 children and teens arrested for sex offenses each year, communities clearly have a stake in effective treatment for young offenders. Fortunately, ...
Academy of Pediatrics
Youth in the juvenile justice system are at high-risk for physical, mental and developmental health issues.
Report cover
California leads the way to a more effective, safer and humane juvenile justice system
Soros Open Societys
A girl's testimony about two very different experiences  at two very different juvenile justice centers calls for reform in New York State's system.
Act 4 Juvenile Justice
  RECOMMENDATIONS ON AMENDMENTS TO H.R. 2112 Submitted by the Act-4-JJ Campaign of the National Coalition for Juvenile ...