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The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges shows their support for reauthorizing the JJDPA.
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The JJDPA is the single most important piece of federal legislation affecting youth in juvenile justice systems across the country.
The webinar addressed the benefits, steps to engage, and challenges of including young people in juvenile justice reform efforts with the help of two knowledgeable ...
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The JJDPA has been a valuable tool to help begin to dismantle the pipeline to prison and punishment and instead create a pathway to appropriate services and treatment ...
We've come a long way since the "superpredator" stereotype. More states are using brain science to guide rehabilitation, supported by the JJDPA. Micah ...
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Hangout with Richard Ross and his powerful images of juvenile justice as he discusses photojournalists' imperative to not only document social injustice but to move ...
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A review of the JJDPA's impact over the past 40 years.
In the US, 2,500 young people are currently serving life sentences without parole. This radio show brings four experts together to discuss the issue.
A resource that will makes it easier (and more engaging) than ever to get in-depth feature stories and vetted data covering a range of critical issues in the juvenile ...
SparkAction joined the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) and experts in the juvenile indigent defense movement to discuss the challenges and reforms of ...
From its very beginnings, JJDPA has supported-- and continues to support-- state and local to efforts to prevent juvenile delinquency.
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Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.'s Shaena Fazal makes the case for the JJDPA for all core issues in the justice system for youth.
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Here are the stories of 4 powerful young leaders who bring unique ideas into justice reform efforts -- and have succeeded in part because adults supported them in ...
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New York City teens: Join WNYC’s Radio Rookies live chat on policing and make your own message to the new New York City Mayor!
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How community-based alternative programs are improving racial disparities in Ventura County, CA.
Girls have complex needs, and they need to be supported in the juvenile justice system.
As young LGBT students face discrimination, abandonment and unequal treatment in the legal system, the JJDPA steps in to help them.