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dignity in schools
As we wrestle how to ensure the safety of our schools, a wave of legislative proposals to increase law enforcement presence in schools could have positive and ...
Funding cuts in Senate appropriations to juvenile justice programs show that we have a long way to go to protect youth in adult jails through policy and reforms.
kids in school
The advancement project explores the school-to-prison pipeline by talking to youth in schools with high security.
Mass incarceration of American youth is actually making the country’s crime problem worse, according to a study of Chicago youth incarceration.
Programs in N.Y. working hard to return normalcy to young people’s lives and end the school-to-prison pipeline.
Why the data on the sexual abuse of youth in adult prisons has some experts calling for more research.
photo by Maggie Lee
Bart Lubow, director of the juvenile justice strategy group at The Annie E. Casey Foundation in Baltimore, said there is reason to believe that the age of “mass ...
Youth across the country are leading a movement for solutions to gun violence that work.
You Can't Build Peace with a Piece, a campaign organized by young people of color in the Los Angeles area, released this comprehensive statement and recommendations ...
report cover
A coalition of organizations working together to ensure healthy families, build strong communities and improve community safety have released recommendations to the ...
As a young teen, JM had dangerous addictions and lifestyle. When she hit rock bottom at 14, she got a second chance through drug court.
Jan Richter
A new bipartisan bill to improve mental health services gives us a chance to get right what we got wrong two decades ago. Jan Richter blogs.
Liz Ryan
We're ready for the President would nominate a permanent administrator for the Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP).
Connecticut policymakers spend a lot of time talking about “the achievement gap.” Unfortunately, that discussion often gets stuck on test scores and curriculum. We ...
black issues forum
Only two other states in our nation have higher suspension rates than North Carolina -- this video explores how this contributes to the school-to-prison pipeline.
Amid the gun control debates, a central issue for those who care about children and youth: In too many communities across the U.S., our kids have never grown up with ...
judge hithcock
Judge William Hitchcock calls for less reliance on the negatives and a more balanced approach to young non-violent offenders, citing Reclaiming Futures as a model ...