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On Dec. 12, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) convened the first-ever Senate hearing on ending the “school-to-prison pipeline." Assistant Education Secretary ...
Youth unemployment is at the highest level since World War II. A Casey Foundation report looks at what we know and what works, and we break it down.
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For many incarcerated girls, detention may be the only time they interact with the health care system. But the health care provided to children, and girls in ...
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Crossover youth is more than the latest buzzword in the often jargon-filled lexicon of juvenile justice. Instead, the term reflects a growing understanding of the ...
Across our country, children are being funneled through the juvenile justice system. The majority of these children have no real understanding of the court processes ...
This video explains how the effective programs from Reclaiming Futures help improve the odds for youth in the justice system.
It's hard to sum up a year's worth of work in four minutes, but that's exactly what a group of young people from the juvenile justice system did this ...
October 4, 2012 More About Girls
A new report reviews the structural gender bias of U.S. juvenile justice systems.
Childhood exposure to violence - conventional crime, child maltreatment, sexual victimization, and community family and school violence - is pervasive in the U.S.
Community Coalition's infographic on the pipeline to prison is stirring up conversation about how we frame the dynamics that lead to high incarceration rates in ...
In juvenile justice circles, things are seen to be improving: Youth prisons are closing. Mental health screenings are becoming standard. Right-to-counsel for young ...
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Goldman Sachs is investing almost $10 million in a government program to reduce recidivism rates among adolescent men.
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The Supreme Court ruled that mandatory life without parole for juveniles convicted of murder is unconstitutional. But the court left little guidance for states on ...