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A new video features unscripted voices and experiences of young Americans who know they have a stake in the next four years. Children and youth ages 5 to 25 from ...
Connect for Kids explores ways to work around both teachers' and parents' busy schedules to improve children's overall success in school.
FRN students
Ben Simon, the young founder of the Food Recovery Network, sparked a national movement for food recovery while a student at the University of Maryland.
school girl
What most helps young people thrive in a challenging academic environment? Answers from students bear out what research has found: social and ...
A video highlighting the National Council of Young Leaders' meeting with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in October 2012.
Youth unemployment is at the highest level since World War II. A Casey Foundation report looks at what we know and what works, and we break it down.
These new videos and an accompanying report show how past Presidents have invested in children--and why the current administration needs to do the same.
November 20, 2012 Unlearning is Critical
Unlearning is the key to high school reform.
young invincibles
Young Invincibles interviewed thousands of college students on student debt - here are their finding and policy recommendations based on what they heard.