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hold fast to dreams book cover
Joshua Steckel left his job as a college counselor at a private school to help low-income, largely minority, public-school students in Brooklyn master the perilous ...
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First-Gen student, Jairus Cater, talks about the importance of that very first job post-college.
We hosted a Google Hangout with two inspiring leaders in the movement to support first-generation college student success. In these clips, Yolanda Norman and Ben ...
First gens and experts share supports and advice to ease the transition from college to the workforce...
Transitioning from college to career brings difficult decisions for any young person, but especially for a first-generation student. Here’s a look at the tools ...
Former director of the Social Work Practicum for Our Lady of the Lake University and first-generation college grad, Ruth Bounous, writes about a former ...
Capitol HIll
The House Republican budget was presented on April 1 by Chairman Paul Ryan.  Here are some reactions and analyses from our friends in the field, explaining what ...
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[COMMENTARY] Mayor de Blasio may be vying for the title of “educational access” mayor in NYC, but he remains silent on issues that would boost higher ...
A study examines how community institutions in three mid-sized cities can use the "collective impact" model to tackle social and educational challenges.
Rather than pushing college readiness, Paymon Rouhanifard plans to focus on improving school safety and renovating facilities as a first priority.
The Generation Schools Network explores how schools with tight budgets can achieve dramatic improvements not by increasing spending, but by redeploying their resources.
In 2008, we launched an experiment in St. Louis with tremendous promise. Just a few years later it closed. Here's what we learned.
Karen Pittman
We know that America’s education system needs to be revamped, but is the answer to “unschool” our young people? Disturbingly, some people think so.
Karen Pittman
A former NASA engineer now teacher acknowledges that teaching kids is harder than building rockets.
YALC group
High school students concerned with the standardized testing requirements for graduation in Ohio catalyze reform.