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one size fits all
17-year-old Nikhil Goyal argues that the current education reform conversation lacks the most important voice of all: the voice of the student.
Back on Track Through College reengages disconnected youth and creates clear pathways through postsecondary credentials; it is now scaled in districts and states ...
A gaming tool that couples public opinion with messaging help, so you can communicate about budgets and taxes, education, early childhood development and health. Who ...
Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity
President and CEO of the Lumina Foundation Jamie Merisotis, discusses the urgent need to boost college success among all Americans, particularly low-income, ...
October 2, 2012 How We'll Succeed
Several recent commentaries drive a shared message and outline a new route forward for all of us who care about children and youth. 
Parents don’t want a "war." They want a district that’s looking out for all children, that is capable of collaboration and able to hear the ...
Spotlight on Poverty & Opportunity
Harry Holzer of Georgetown University explains how addressing today's youth can help recover the economy and future economies.
A recent survey of opportunity youth found that, despite their challenges growing up, they remain optimistic about their future.
A New York City school shows the importance of youth voice in school policies and education.