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What Kids Can Do reports on the Mikva Challenge youth's recommendations to their local Chicago principals.
Opportunity Nation's innovative measuring system to analyze opportunity for youth in counties, cities and states.
Young people are taking to artistic mediums to share what they think about what they are seeing, hearing and learning. With a beat, some serious editing skills and a ...
Our economy continues to create quality jobs, but for many young people with low skills these jobs are out of reach. Should we tell young people just to work harder ...
Sec. Arne Duncan
You submitted and selected the questions, and Sec. Duncan took time to respond! 
Demos' Jennifer Wheary recently met an 11-year-old who was already saving up for college, and it got her thinking. When is too early to start?
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As the President readies to deliver the State of the Union Address tomorrow night, advocates are delivering a “discouraging” assessment of the ...
On February 12th, youth leaders are headed to Washington, D.C. to set the tone for the president's State of the Union address. #BarackTalk, an interactive State ...
The weeks leading up to President Obama's second inauguration brought some good, if tentative, news on the education policy front.
A new video features unscripted voices and experiences of young Americans who know they have a stake in the next four years. Children and youth ages 5 to 25 from ...
Connect for Kids explores ways to work around both teachers' and parents' busy schedules to improve children's overall success in school.