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children budget
In an analysis for SparkAction, Patrick Boyle takes a deeper look at federal spending for children and youth.
Children's Budget cover
Things are looking up financially for the federal government, but you wouldn’t know it if you’re a kid. A new report finds that the share of federal ...
readiness traps
Karen Pittman, Stephanie Krauss, and Bryan Joffe discuss Readiness and School during June 9th Thought Leader Roundtable. 
There are plenty of young people who struggle to complete school because of obstacles in their personal lives, but this struggle should not determine a young ...
stephanie krauss
Stephanie Krauss reflects on her trip to Malawi and the comparison she saw there and in the U.S. to make readiness a right. 
young people
Readiness is not just a universal goal for America's youth. We must position readiness as one of the toughest civil rights issues of our time. 
Any parent would be thrilled to hear positive feedback during a parent-teacher conference. The next step in helping a child progress isn't always an easy one to ...
This is part three in a short series about readiness. Karen Pittman reflects on a difficult question that many people were left pondering during the Ready by ...
Co-director of The Readiness Project, Stephanie Krauss, describes the undercurrents she faces during her journey to advocate for young people's readiness and ...
John Gomberts
This is the second in a short series of blogs about the right to readinessLet’s define it by what it is, not by what it isn’t.
social emotional learning
Competnecy based learning is no longer just about math and reading, it also incorporates social emotional learning which measures a number of areas, like manging ...
readiness gaps
Let’s stop playing it safe. Readiness is more than a goal; it’s a right. This isn’t just an outward call to action.  ...
If you’re like us, you want to challenge and be challenged. You’re here because you believe there are better ways to get every young person ready for ...