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Deverick knows how his life could have turned out if he hadn't stuck with his studies: prison, drugs, or even death. Instead, he became a star on the Baltimore ...
karen pittman
A YouthBuild alumni's story inspires.
Karen Pittman
A former NASA engineer now teacher acknowledges that teaching kids is harder than building rockets.
kids on clocks
College readiness calls for tapping the resources of the whole community – higher education, community organizations, businesses, funders, and civic ...
radio rookies
New York City teens: Join WNYC’s Radio Rookies live chat on policing and make your own message to the new New York City Mayor!
afterschool alliance
The JJDPA connects to afterschool programs for important reasons: Here's why.  
YouthBuild USA CEO Dorothy Stoneman celebrates YouthBuild's accomplishments for at-risk youth over the past 35 years and looks to what is ahead.
Jan's Corner
Early intervention is key to get kids on the right path to graduation.
Life is a gift. We all know this. But there are times when the juxtaposition of events makes us pause to remember it. Saturday was one of those days. 
The Coalition for Community Schools' nine-week blog series explores on how community school initiatives are supporting and strengthening innovations in expanded ...
Established by community activists, Young Achievers focuses on teaching science and math to students of color in the Mattapan neighborhood of Boston. Young ...
The Des Moines Public School District has started to experiment with the calendar in order to provide an innovative classroom experience for children.
The afterschool field is coming of age, and that is a good thing.
Sayre High School in Pennsylvania is an example of how community partners, particularly university staff, students, and faculty, can support teachers and school ...
Community schools in Tulsa are working with their partners to continue to provide expanded learning opportunities to students enrolled in year-round schools, even ...
Programs in the before-school hours at Roosevelt Elementary Community School give youth a head start on the day.