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What the "fiscal cliff" and compromises will mean for children, youth and families.
Karen Pittman
Youth development expert Karen Pittman says we increasingly hear talk these days about youth engagement, but it remains underused in many others.
Three video highlights from former White House advisor Melody Barnes' speech on opportunity youth at the 2013 Ready by 21 National Conference.
Youth across the country are leading a movement for solutions to gun violence that work.
Jan's Corner
The sequester will have a real and potentially long-lasting impact on programs and on children and youth. Here's what we can do about it.
Opportunity Nation's innovative measuring system to analyze opportunity for youth in counties, cities and states.
February 19, 2013 Richard Murphy: A Tribute
Remembering a driving force behind the Harlem Children's Zone and a man who infused youth development into NYC policy and services.
ready by 21
More than 250 citizens of Alexandria, VA turned out at two community forums to help their city– a small city just south of Washington, D.C. – create its first Child ...
In this article, YouthBuild Brockton graduate Lashon Amado weaves a pathway from high school dropout, to 2009 YouthBuild Brockton graduate, associate degree in ...
Nicole Yohalem of the Forum and Bob Granger of the William T. Grant Foundation contributed a chapter to "Expanding Minds and Opportunities: Leveraging the Power ...
A step-by-step guide to reaching local media outlets with your message about any event you or your organization is planning.
FRN students
Ben Simon, the young founder of the Food Recovery Network, sparked a national movement for food recovery while a student at the University of Maryland.
A video highlighting the National Council of Young Leaders' meeting with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in October 2012.
Youth unemployment is at the highest level since World War II. A Casey Foundation report looks at what we know and what works, and we break it down.