Top 24 Under 24 Drug Mythbusters

Congratulations, winners!

This was not easy. We received so many great nominations of young people using their talents and creativity to share science-based facts and dispell myths about drug use and abuse. And now...the envelope please... we're delighted to present the 2014 Top 24 Under 24 Drug Mythbusters!

To everyone who was nominated, thank you for "speaking truth to rumor" and for equipping your peers with the facts they need to make smart decisions for themselves and their futures.

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    Meet the Winners

    The winners were selected by a combination of your Facebook votes and a review SparkAction and our partners.
    We include the Facebook vote tallies for the top 4. To see how your favorites did in the Facebooking voting phase, check out their full profile.


    Josselyn Garcia
    Josselyn is an advisory board member, mentor and advocate with MADD and SADD.


    Alison McClimond
    A personal tragedy sparked Alison's activism and commitment to sharing drug facts.


    Amber Smith
    A youth leader who focuses on research-based ways to reduce drug use, without scare tactics.


    A teen rock band from Illinois using their music and platform to advocate for healthy behavior.

    Sara Nerad

    Sarah Nerad
    A young person in long-term recovery who lead her university to form a recovery community.


    Alex Cotton
    Alex and a coalition of his classmates lead a local project called "Unmarketing Weed."


    Ariana Cherry
    A "Health Rocks Action Leader" in Georgia, Ariana teaches summer classes on drug facts.


    Sarah Ghan
    A young mom, Sarah beat depression and addiction to guide others to healthy lifestyles.


    Jordyn Schara
    At 14, Jordyn launched a prescription drug disposal program in Wisconsin.


    Michael Levin
    Michael is a leader in collegiate recovery who helped build a recovery system in his school.


    Karlynn King
    Karlynn leads an Drug-Free Youth chapter in her high school and has led several events.


    Zain Syed
    Zain installed the first permanent medication disposal unit Lamar County, Texas.


    Katherine Hanson
    Katherine leads local campaigns with the Tobacco Free Missouri Youth Advisory Board.


    Daniel Guiffra
    Daniel helps Latino communities access accurate information on substance & tobacco prevention.


    Trent Whisenant
    Trent organized a summer camp to teach about the effects of substance use and abuse.


    Adam Strong
    Adam is pursuing a medical degree to help people avoid prescription drug addiction.


    Simone Bernstein
    Simone combines scientific fact and stories from former addicts to educate at homeless shelters.


    Evan Massimino
    Evan organizes awareness-raising "raves" that blend music and information in a safe setting.

    Jonatan Carias
    A YearUp student, Jonatan uses his creativity and IT skills to promote a drug-free lifestyle.


    Bailey Eschmann
    Bailey is a founder of her local youth action team on substance use and abuse.


    Courtney Collier
    Courtney saved a close friend from an OD and helped start a local Teen Institute.


    Giancarlo Iona
    Gianni designed and built a mobile drug-fact kiosk for his high school, and runs campaigns.


    Brian Taylor 
    Brian helped design and launch a local Drug Myth week; other high schools are replicating it.


    Idaho Meth Project Teen Advisory Council
    Seven members were nominated, and all deserve to be honored for the powerful work and PSAs.

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    About National Drug Facts Week

    National Drug Facts Week (NDFW) is a health observance week for teens that aims to shatter the myths about drugs and drug abuse. Through community-based events and activities on the Web, on TV, and through contests, The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) encourages teens to get factual answers from scientific experts about drugs and drug abuse.

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