40 for 40: 40 Stories for 40 Years of the JJDPA


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September 2014 marked the 40th anniversary of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA), the nation's main law governing state juvenile justice systems. Forty years ago, the JJDPA changed the face of youth justice—setting basic standards for state systems and establishing four core protections for young people in the system. Many states have used the JJDPA to fund and modernize their programs in ways that give kids the supports they need to get their lives back on track while at the same time helping make communities safer.

Throughout the fall, we'll bring you new voices and personal stories about the impact of the JJDPA and ways it can be strengthened and improved—40 stories in all, to celebrate each year of this landmark law.  Watch the clips and learn more about how you can get involved.

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     Richard Ross                                                                                                           Youth Voice: Francisco Garcia



    Youth Voice: Edgar Galvez                                                                                                           Marc Schindler




   Jennifer Carreon                                                                                                              Hernan Carvente



          Judge Teske talks about disproportionate minority contact                                            Hasan talks about early abuse and jj



      Shay talks about inequities, system collaboration, family court                         Symone talks about disproportionate sentences, reentry



      Liz talks about: youth in adult jails, protecting youth, VCO                                      Marcy talks about school pushout, JJDPA core protections



      Mark talks about: jail removal, what we can do                                                    Carmen talks about “status offenses



      Darla talks about: Transitional Living, homelessness & JJ                                      Jamiel talks about “what works: community-based alternatives



      Benjamin talks about: the teen brainfunding justice                                            Karen talks about “state innovations in juvenile justice



      Keela talks about: youth lock-upkey reform in 5 states                                      Vincent talks about reform in DC, What is the OJJDP



      Peter talks about: a better way to handle status offenses                                       Nell talks about girls in justice, resilience and child welfare



      Lashon talks about: access to education, being tried as an adult                                     Jabriera on life with a felony, health care for teens in jj                           



      Sheila talks about LGBTQ issues, family engagment                                          Theo talks about solitary confinement in juvenile detention                           



      Edgar talks about youth voice in decision-making                                                 Ladine on disproportionate contact for black youth                           


About this Video Project

SparkAction, the Act 4 Juvenile Justice Campaign of the National Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition (NJJDPC), and local organizations across the country together are collecting and featuring 40 short videos that use real lives and real voices to illustrate the policy and systems impact of the JJDPA. The project is designed to engage, inform and ultimately mobilize support for a meaningful Congressional reauthorization that improves and strengthens this landmark law to support states in designing fairer, more effective local approaches.



    Media Contact: Caitlin Johnson 202-207-3726, caitlin@sparkaction.org


About The Act 4 Juvenile Justice Campaign

Act 4 Juvenile Justice (ACT4JJ) is a campaign of the NJJDPC, which represents over 80 national organizations who work on youth development and juvenile justice issues. ACT4JJ is composed of juvenile justice, child welfare and youth development organizations advocating for the reauthorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) and increased federal funding for juvenile justice programs and services.


About SparkAction

SparkAction.org is a collaborative, nonprofit journalism and advocacy network to mobilize action for and by young people. We connect concerned adults and young people to compelling stories, context and accurate information on children’s issues, and tools to take action. Learn. Connect. Impact.


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