Take Action: Don't Let Census 2020 Leave Out Kids

July 27, 2018

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Organizations can upload information and statements by commenting directly through the Federal Register Census Comment page.

If you live in Texas, you can send a state-specific message using this alert.

To learn more, check out the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights 2020 Census Public Comments Toolkit (PDF).

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  • The addition of an untested and intrusive citizenship question is bad for the #2020Census, bad for babies, children and youth. Take action now to #SaveTheCensus, at bit.ly/census-kids.
  • Including an untested, controversial citizenship question on the #2020Census will undermine the quality and accuracy of the census. Urge the Commerce Department to remove the question and #SaveTheCensus now. bit.ly/census-kids
  • Including a citizenship question puts the #2020Census at grave risk of a significant undercount, especially for young children ages 0-4 who have been historically undercounted. Tell the Commerce Dept to remove it. #SaveTheCensus bit.ly/census-kids
  • The stakes are too high to allow the #2020Census to include an unnecessary citizenship question. You can help #SaveTheCensus today: Submit a comment and tell the Department of Commerce to remove it from the census form. ACT NOW: bit.ly/census-kids
  • Act before August 7: Getting the #2020Census right is important to everyone. Join us in raising our collective voices to ensure the count is fair and accurate. Submit a public comment today: bit.ly/census-kids | #SaveTheCensus



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