Mythbuster: Bryan Taylor

Helped design and launch an interactive Drug Myth Week at his Michigan high school that other high schools are now replicating.

Bryan is a junior at Cedar Springs High School in Cedar Springs, MI.  He joined the Healthy, Safe, Drug-Free Schools and Communities Coalition in October 2012 and has been a dynamic spark for busting myths about drugs.

Bryan's most significant contribution to date has been working a group of teens at his high school to create and implement a Drug Myth week, in which all students at his school were engaged in discovering myths and facts about drugs. Students become the “person” whose identity is posted on their locker. Each day more, myths and facts were revealed about specific drugs and about the identities assigned to each student, so they could discern whether they were a user, a non-user, and/or had addiction issues and other challenges. 

"It was a very clever campaign that had an impact on the school," says his nominator Cheryl Blair. The campaign is now being produced for all area high schools in the county to utilize. 

Bryan also provided significant leadership for the county-wide teen focused outreach event, the Highway Horror Show, and a teen county-wide walk-a-thon for drug awareness.  These events brought in over 250 high schools teens from several school districts and made a significant impact on their knowledge and their pledge to remain drug-free.