Mythbuster: Campbell Hawkes

18-year-old Campbell Hawkes regularly researches and reads through scientific studies and papers covering the range of information, both drug harm reduction and pro-legalization websites in order to establish a clear awareness of the science as well as biases relating to drug use and abuse.

"Having openly had a history with drug use myself, I have been exposed to the environments most feared by parents, and bore witness to the destruction that a variety of substances (licit and elicit) can cause both in a person's life and surrounding communities," Campbell says.

Frustration with misinformation of all kinds has led Campbell to challenge the scientific basis of dubious claims about the harm or harmlessness of any substance, advocating fact-based education.

Say Campbell: "I will be doing volunteer work with a drug rehabilitation program in Wellington, New Zealand, where I will also begin university study of law, in hope that I can help establish sensible drug legislation in the future."




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