Mythbuster: Chase Hutchinson

Chase contributes to the awareness and prevention of methamphetamine use in Idaho.

Chase believes in drug-free communities and is active only with the Idaho Meth Project and other organizations dedicated to shattering myths about substance abuse and drugs in general.

Chase looks beyond the reach of his own community and truly yearns to learn and make progress with ensuring his peers be well-informed about the consequences stemming from drug use.

This August, Chase traveled with his nominator Sophie of the Idaho Meth Project to a SAMHSA conference on youth recovery in Washington D.C.

"We were the only members of the conference that worked in prevention and while most teens would feel 'out of their element,' Chase jumped at the chance to encourage recovery-based advocates to reach an understanding about what prevention can mean," says Sophie. "I am proud to know Chase and to be a part of molding this young leader - he certainly does our program justice and serves his community diligently."