Mythbuster: Giancarlo Iona

Designed and built a mobile drug-fact kiosk for his high school and leads both social media and on-the-ground efforts to promote clear information.

Giancarlo, a high school sophomore, is the President of the Wallenpaupack Area High School SADD chapter. Gianni is also a member of the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

As a freshman, Gianni was the lead organizer of the SADD Mock Crash for the high school. Gianni also created and recruited another SADD member and a woodshop student to build a mobile kiosk for SADD, which moves around the school and is brought to school sporting and other events. The kiosk has a flat panel screen that runs public service announcements including the dangers of drinking and driving and drug use. The kiosk also contains take-away pamphlets with information about substance abuse which Gianni obtained from SAMHSA. Gianni also created a Twitter account for the school's SADD chapter and is able to run live tweets on the kiosk during sporting events. The kiosk has won SADD PA's Activity of the Year.

Gianni is currently spearheading a SADD Shines Day Walk-a-Thon for SADD Shines Day February 5 to bring awareness to substance abuse and other destructive decisions. He reached out to the mayor who will be proclaiming February 5th SADD Shines Day. Gianni has brought excitement back to the school's SADD chapter and has been invited to SADD's National Conference (along with the kiosk) to share his idea for getting the message out to students and the community.

Gianni volunteers his time and talents to several other organizations and events in the community.

"Giancarlo's business sense, strong customer service values, and leadership ability along with his genuinely caring nature are what sets him apart from his peers. He knows how to organize team members and get people excited. He gets things done. Gianni truly cares about the organizations and causes he supports and it shows in his commitment to raising the bar in all that he does," says his nominator.