Mythbuster: Jessica Guynes

Active in Students Against Underage Drinking, Jessica has volunteered and organized events to help her fellow students understand the dangers of drinking.

Jessica resides in the rural community of Dove Creek and is a senior at Dove Creek High School. Jessica has been an active member of the Students Against Underage Drinking (STUD) program for four years, and has logged extensive community service hours through presentations and activities that promote abstinence from underage substance use.

Activities Jessica has been involved with include peer mentoring, presentations on how to properly handle a situation if drugs, tobacco, or alcohol are offered,  and Red Ribbon Week which includes school-wide interactive exercises detailing the facts of substance use. She has also participated in acting out a mock crash, where a scene is shown depicting a drunk driving accident.

Jessica has made a powerful impact on the future health of her community's youth by acting as an exemplary role model and teaching dangerous effects of substances while also encouraging positive decision making strategies.