Mythbuster: Jonatan Carias

A YearUp student, Jonatan mixes IT skills with a passion for promoting healthy, drug-free lifestyles that give young people the power to shape their own futures and opportunities.

Jonatan is involved in a Life Skills Course which teaches healthy behaviors. He has gained a lot of knowledge and skills from the course which he always shares with others.

In this course and in the YearUp program, he serves as a positive role model by encouraging his fellow peers to spend their time productively by going to school and keeping their minds busy. He urges his peers to be aware of who they hang out with, and also, he ensures that they know that they aren't alone. He tells that whatever problems they are going through can be solved.

Committed to being drug-free and living a healthy lifestyle, Jonatan is an example to his peers, and a genuine leader who leads by that example. He credits his success to his ability to set and achieve goals.

"I hope to make a difference in my community by becoming an example to those around me," Jonatan says.