Mythbuster: Jordyn Schara

At 14, Jordyn founded an organization and started a successful prescription pill and drug disposal program in Wisconsin. 

At 14, Jordyn created a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization called HOPE (Helping Our Peers Excel), which inspires youth to grow by utilizing community service and volunteerism as tools to encourage them to make a difference in the world. Through HOPE, Jordyn has inspired both teens and adults by creating WI P2D2 (Wisconsin Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal).

When teens and celebrities started dying of prescription drug overdoses, Jordyn discovered that leaving these drugs unsecured in medicine cabinets, they contribute to the latest drug epidemic: Prescription Drug Abuse.  More people abuse prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine combined, and teens are taking prescription and OTC drugs from their parents’ and friends’ medicine cabinets, abusing them and many are dying.

To be proactive and educate her community and the world about this issue, Jordyn decided to create a 24/7 drug collection program for her community.

When she contacted the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) for assistance, they refused to help Jordyn and even denied that prescription drug abuse was a problem in the U.S. Then, Jordyn decided to be fearless and set up her drug collection program without the DEA’s assistance.

Two years after creating her program, the DEA got on board and started offering an annual collection of drugs. While the DEA offers a collection once a year, a consistent collection is important in removing a cache of drugs to be abused.  Jordyn's program offers a consistent collection opportunity so that people aren’t required to stockpile their drugs, thus reducing the possibility that these drugs may be abused.  Jordyn also streamlined the process of collecting contact information and identifying the collected drugs by incorporating teen volunteers, civic organizations, and local leaders.

Jordyn's collection events were big successes and the DEA has since recruited Jordyn to help them improve their collection programs.

Jordyn has created long lasting and influential impact on society through her youth led program and am currently providing grants of approximately $2,000 each to Wisconsin communities to purchase their own 24/7 drug containers and all the materials they need to start their own programs.

Jordyn is currently a student at Reedsburg Area High School in Wisconsin. She has started 10 drug collection programs, hosted a flu shot clinic, a free sharps disposal and a free mercury thermometer swap and have helped collect over 1,000,000 pounds of drugs across the country that are now out of the hands of young children and teens.  She is now working with a mentor and several sponsors and P2D2 which as now spread to over 22 states. Her program also gained international attention when P2D2 won the Volvo Adventure Award and Jordyn was selected to carry the torch in London for the 2012 Olympics.